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Keeping an Eye on Isaac

I’m keeping my eye on this one, Till it makes the turn into the Ohio river valley. Tropical Depression ISAAC Public Advisory 000WTNT34 KWNH 310305TCPAT4TROPICAL DEPRESSION ISAAC ADVISORY NUMBER 40…CORRECTEDNWS HYDROMETEOROLOGICAL PREDICTION CENTER COLLEGE PARK MD AL0920121000 PM CDT THU … Continue reading

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If It Keeps On Raining….

History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. 000WTNT34 KNHC … Continue reading

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Guns and Stuff

My choices for the Zombie apocalypse. @ Budsgunshop Arms Black Synthetic 12 Ga Defender w/18.5″ Barrel/Ghost Ring Si This 3″ chamber 5 + 1 round pump action 12 gauge shotgun includes a black synthetic stock, black matte finish, … Continue reading

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What Attitude?

Back in the Day, We would truck down to town for helmet night. The mosh pit was bloody sight. The Anti Fa against the Skins and the Nazis. Later would come the strait edge crowd. It always just started out … Continue reading

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Collusion add-on for Firefox

 For Firefox users, This stuff works. Discover who’s tracking you online Take control of your data Telling the global tracking story Building user awareness Collusion is about choice Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see … Continue reading

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Fire and Blood

World Without Logic, Fire and Blood Lyrics Are you sure you wanna fight Because today it’s all or nothing Are you sure you want a war That means it’s the end of the world We live in a time … Continue reading

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No good deed goes unpunished

I love this song. Came on the radio today as I realized that I had lost 200.00.Just before, I was at a store and corrected the clerk whom was about tocharge me 11.50 for a 30.00 jacket. It was a … Continue reading

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Feds Violated the Constitution

Via Diaspora The Feds Violated the Constitution but the Administration Won’t Say How By Conor Friedersdorf inShare Jul 24 2012, 7:30 AM The transgression occurred at the National Security Agency and involved illegal spying on Americans. The details? They’re scandalously … Continue reading

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The only constant in the universe is change. One magnet no bearing bedini with 10 satellite rotors “This is a one magnet no bearing Bedini motor spining ten N42 6mm sphere satllite rotors with the magnetic field from the … Continue reading

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