The only constant in the universe is change.

One magnet no bearing bedini with 10 satellite rotors

“This is a one magnet no bearing Bedini motor spining ten N42 6mm sphere satllite rotors with the magnetic field from the main rotor which is a 20mm x 20mm diametricaly magnetised cylinder with a small steel ball bearing for a pivot.I found that i could spin magnets 12″ away from the main rotor so that give’a 24″ diameter spin zone.I also found that i could stack them and i think you could spin as many magnets as you could fit around the main rotor.I have ordered another 40.I can also recover energy from the satellite magnets with pickup coils.This test was at 2.8v and 11mA”

This one has a lot of potential.
It’s so simple a child could do it.
Those satellites could each have a pickup coil pulse charging 1 or more bigger batteries Via a bridge rectifier.

I assume you know to make the bridge with enough  peak inverse voltage so the current cannot become reversed.
Thats all for today, Dragon out.


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