No good deed goes unpunished

I love this song. Came on the radio today as I realized that I had lost 200.00.
Just before, I was at a store and corrected the clerk whom was about to
charge me 11.50 for a 30.00 jacket. It was a deal at 30.00 bucks and I’m a mostly honest person. Fast forward to my next stop at the grocers where I realized the 200.00 was missing when I tried to buy a copy of the Backwoodsman Magazine. (
I had enough small change for the purchase and spent another 30 minutes looking for the lost cash. No luck. So I’ll be back to the scrap yard early tomorrow replacing the lost bills.

This song reminds me of simpler days. Partying up on the pipeline with our friends. Lots of Beer, Bourbon, and some Cheech and Chong sized Joints. Girls in tube tops, halter tops, and hip hugger jeans. We’d have a big fire and  party for 2-3 days. We were armed to the teeth, even the wimmens. Dirt biking, Dune Buggies and Rock and Roll. Damn, I miss that.

Save my life, I’m going down for 

the last time – Remainders

WIPO’s Broadcasting Treaty is back: a treaty to end the public domain, fair use and Creative Commons

The UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization’s Broadcasting Treaty is back. This is the treaty that EFF and its colleagues killed five years ago, but Big Content won’t let it die. Under the treaty, broadcasters would have rights over the material they transmitted, separate from copyright, meaning that if you recorded something from TV, the Internet, cable or satellite, you’d need to get permission from the creator and the broadcaster to re-use it. And unlike copyright, the “broadcast right” doesn’t expire, so even video that is in the public domain can’t be used without permission from the broadcaster who contributed the immense creativity inherent in, you know, pressing the “play” button. Likewise, broadcast rights will have different fair use/fair dealing rules from copyright — nations get to choose whether their broadcast rights will have any fair dealing at all. That means that even if you want to reuse video is a way that’s protected by fair use (such as parody, quotation, commentary or education), the broadcast right version of fair use might prohibit it.   (See More)

The entropic minions are active on all fronts stealing everything they can. I don’t think these bastards even sleep. Freedom is being threatened at every turn. Well, These parasites will have their turn in the barrel soon enough.

Here’s the second tune for Today.  This is the Pittsburgh sound.

Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers song cleared more barrooms than any other.

They ain’t never gonna know the way I feel. Dragon Out.


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