What Attitude?

Back in the Day, We would truck down to town for helmet night. The mosh pit was bloody sight. The Anti Fa against the Skins and the Nazis. Later would come the strait edge crowd. It always just started out as fun and went straight to hell before close of business. We anti-fascist were almost always out numbered. Wore a lot of steel plated leather, Stealth spiked arm bands which consisted of rows of 1/2 inch masonry nails sandwiched between to thick leather arm guards, Top that off with a kidney belt and a steel pot. Didn’t stop me from getting stuck, But I left the dude looking like he had a bad case of road rash face.
It wasn’t to bad though till the Straight edgers came around and they were sober as hell and crazy violent to boot. We were safe if we had at least 6 tanks with our crowd ( armored individuals ).  Our group were just a bunch that hung in the same circles. Weren’t no rules or dues, If ya hung with us, we took care of our own. I saw 2 cops run from 2 tanks one night. They had been bothering a single punk girl, Till our group rounded the corner on our way to white castle after leaving the club. Lesson there is hang with a group or be prey for the predators. And the night was alive with the predator types.
 It was beautiful, It was ugly, The music was loud, The drinks were pure rot gut. Attitude that you could cut with a knife.
Reminded me of this…..

Chainsaws, Shotguns, and Rock N’ Roll



It’s a long one. You will “get it” or you wont….
If you don’t mores the pity. RIP Wendy. You were sure ahead of your time.
Dragon out.


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