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Catching Up

I been busy with a big job. I’m down to the last of it now, with a few more details to work through.I must say Dans Small Parts and Kits, lives up to his rep. I received my order in … Continue reading

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Ho Hum, I’m waiting on an order from DAN’S SMALL PARTS AND KITS.He has a good rep and an inventory of hard to get electronic parts at good prices.Be sure you get your orders in before he takes his winter … Continue reading

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Give them the bird….

Wild Turkey 101. Goes down good with some sweet Dominican cigars. Yi Haw!!! The difference between a scrap-er and a re-cycler. Then scrap-er sits on a bar stool and bitches about how unfair life is. The scales are crooked, the … Continue reading

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Micro Power AM Transmitter Redux

Some clarification on what I’m looking into on these part 15 radio transmitters. No crystal clarity for me. Think more late night 1970’s sound under good propagation conditions, Like when the pirate stations were coming in clear for the few … Continue reading

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The Last 24 Solar Events

September 22, 2012 Solar ephemeris sunrise: 05:26:44 UTsunset: 17:35:58 UTtransit: 11:31:21 UT —————————————————————————————–PRESTO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM Fri Sep 21 2012, 1444 UT Three full halo CMEs were observed last 24 hours. The SOHO/LASCO C2 observations show first appearance of … Continue reading

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Thinking Small

Been Playing with Micro powered radios as of late. I’m sending MP3’s from my PC to a portable radio via a low powered AM band transmitter. I based my setup from the “Mighty Mite” QRP type transmitter. And it works … Continue reading

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After 2 squalls after the last post Isaac has vanished. Not that I’m complaining mind you. The remains are blowing to the south east of us. I was ready for it. All dressed up and got stood up.The next heavy … Continue reading

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Isaac Aftermath In My AO

Appalachian area of interest in purple. Weather that directly affects us here in Red. Grey, marks the weather that will effect us in 24 hrs or less. Starting right now as I write this, the firsts of the storms are … Continue reading

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