Give them the bird….

Wild Turkey 101. Goes down good with some sweet Dominican cigars. Yi Haw!!! The difference between a scrap-er and a re-cycler. Then scrap-er sits on a bar stool and bitches about how unfair life is. The scales are crooked, the yard dweebs are out to get them, There ain’t no easy money to be had any more. On the other hand, The re-cycler spent the extra hour to break down the load and separate it by paying components. He or She always maximizes their meager profit margin. But by the end of the day is where it counts. I’m siting here with some wild turkey 101 and a fine cigar. The others are drinking cheap draft beer and crying. And I don’t even own a car or truck. But, I will own my Deuce soon now. Just a couple or so more loads. Imagine the work I can get done with a 2.5 ton 6×6 multi-fuel sitting in the drive spot. m/ Wish me luck. Ya’ll have a nice day.
 One of these all the trimmings Please.

Before we drive an M35A2, also known as a “Deuce and a half” because of its payload rating, let’s be clear on what the truck does and does not offer.  Some readers may be surprised to find out that the truck they have been dreaming about is really not the dream truck they want.  Drivers who expect electronics and automatic features, young drivers who grew up with technologically advanced cars in particular, will be disappointed.  The M35A2 is not built for show even though some people buy these trucks for their raw appearance.   It is a tactical vehicle, a military tool, built to go where most other vehicles cannot go with a payload of the size the Deuce-and-a-half seems to handle with ease.  The military classified this truck as a medium duty vehicle, and it received the same classification in the civilian world.  The M35A2 offers very little comfort but a lot of ability and attitude.”


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