Catching Up

I been busy with a big job. I’m down to the last of it now, with a few more details to work through.
I must say Dans Small Parts and Kits, lives up to his rep. I received my order in a very timely fashion and it was very securely packaged. I am pleased with the assortment of parts in the grab bags. I will shop there again.
I haven’t done much with the Mighty Mite as of yet. I must say that the response to it was interesting.
Even the one email who chided me as rediscovering something called the “Jolly Rodger” transmitter.

That image is more where I’m at now. That Type Mod should work on any of the “Mighty Mite” based circuits. We replaced the crystal with a 47k resistor-.01 uf capacitor.
The tank coil is made using a 1.25 inch film canister. Wrapping it with #20 – #22 AWG magnet wire. In a right hand direction, L2 on the bottom of the coil form. Leave a 1/4 inch space and start L1.The L1= 550KHz – 1.65MHz     310 uH     65 turns. Tap at 21 turns.
The L2= 7 turns.

So you see this little circuit has been around for a while. Whether you call it a “Mighty mite”, “Michigan Mighty Mite”, or a “Jolly Roger”, and don’t forget the “Super Duper X Spy Transmitter“, It has longevity. The first one I seen had a tank coil wound on an AM transistor radio ferrite loop stick. It made it easier to put it in a small container, like a “sucrets” tin.

Remember these?

I had a blast with kits like this one. Via:
I had them all. Whatta a geek.
Thats all for now, Later, Dragon


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