Settling In

220px-nbs_120_setIt will take some time to get used to this new site. But, so far, so good.

When I got my order from Dams Small Parts, I got 20 of the 1N34A diodes. That will allow me to build some more crystal radios, as well as finish one project I had on hold for almost a year.  The one from the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Standards Circulars. 

I had most of the parts ready and couldn’t find any diodes to make it. Thats the hazard of being a buy, sell, trade individual. Just when you need something, You find that you sold or traded it last week.

Then there was all the other chaos last spring. Well, I found most all the parts where I left them last spring. I few parts I’m still looking for though. Those few vintage hard to find kind. I would like to use an original type “Variable – Air Condenser” if possible.

The Radio I was after was Department of Commerce, Bureau of Standards Circular #137 model with the loading coil. The other circulars add the “Loose Coupler” and other refinements. I think I still have most of the carbon amplifier parts around. So I can forgo the tube amplifier circuit and wet cell batteries. Though there are some small tubes available for trying out as time and money permits.

This is a micro watt endeavor still. More with less is my motto. I won’t rule out tubes or even vintage transistors or homemade versions of them.

I am a DIY person. I make radios of all types and bows and muzzle loaders. You never know what I will be doing next. Especially since I have a new Tesla Coil in the works.

Later, Dragon


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2 Responses to Settling In

  1. Sixbears says:

    Hope the new site works for you. I’ve added it to my blog roll. Don’t want to lose track of you.

    • Elder Dragon says:

      I hope it works too. I’m gonna need feedback on how well it treats the visitors. I hope it isn’t to hard to comment.
      This is friendly format for Linux. Easy on the resources on the Puppy Linux box. Blogger was maxing out my resources with all kinds of script foo. Makes Ya wonder what they were trying to do. Like spying on every visitors hard drive.

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