Eye Strain

I need a better way for me to read the labels on  the small components.. Any and all reasonable ideas would be welcome. I find myself unable to work for any amount of time without serious head aches.

FYI, informational tutorial.



All about transistors


73 Magazine (also known as 73 Amateur Radio Today) was an amateur radio magazine that was published from October 1960 to September 2003.  (That’s 514 issues, with about 8619 articles, and over 64,000 pages). ( One of my favorite Radio  & Electronic magazines from “61 till “79”, Around “76” went to the chips and I went elsewhere.}


United States Navy Electricity & Electronics Training Series – NEETS*

***One of the most thorough courses around.***

The Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series (NEETS) was developed for use by personnel in many electrical and electronic related Navy ratings



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6 Responses to Eye Strain

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Maybe one of those magnifying glasses with a light built in that clamps on to the work bench?

  2. tweell says:

    Craig’s right. I love those, make fiddly electronics work much less difficult.


    I also like a small magnifying glass with twin alligator clips for soldering.

  3. Elder Dragon says:

    I got to find something. I’m having problems with the small transistors and small capacitors….This problem is one of the reasons I don’t play with surface mount stuff. I sure miss the old tin can transistors from the “70’s”. Those I can read without my glasses. It sure sucks getting old.

  4. Ticom says:

    I use a 10x Triplet magnifier. Works really well at reading the tiny print on SMDs.

  5. Bustednuckles says:

    I have the same problem so I can sympathize.
    I second the lighted magnifying glass idea, they make a big one on a swiveling arm for workbenches that works very well. I also found, at the dollar store no less, a small compact swing out two lens pocket magnifying glass that is unbelievably handy. It is covered when closed and about as big around as a half dollar. the case is tear drop shaped and fits in your pocket.
    It is remarkably powerful too.
    Other than that I use ye old dollar store reader glasses perched on the end of my broken nose and a small pocket nine volt LED flash light I got off the internet called the Block Light. It comes with a battery for eight bucks and the whole thing is about as big as a Bic lighter, most of that is the battery itsself.
    Check that thing out,without the battery the actual flashlight is about an inch square and it won’t roll away when you set it down.
    Unbelievably handy little thing.

  6. Elder Dragon says:

    I should be able to get and try a few of those with out breaking the bank. I want to get some of my projects ready before Halloween. I’m gonna haunt my yard like I did to my camp. I should at least be able to get a few remote radios done so I can broadcast creepy music around. Maybe have a few motion activated gimmicks and some subsonics.
    My woods have been known as haunted woods for some years now. No one has broken into the place in about the same amount of time. Time to heat up the soldering irons.

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