Propagation conditions.


Solar flaring activity is below the C-level during the last two days. An isolated C-class flare on the Sun is, however, possible.
A partial halo CME (angular width around 180 degrees) was detected by SOHO/LASCO this morning. The CME is first seen in the LASCO C2 field of view at 00:24 UT after a 7-hour long data gap, so it is difficult to determine the eruption time precisely. The CME is first seen in the STEREO A COR2 field of view at 04:24 UT, also after a long data gap. STEREO data show that the partial halo CME is frontsided. GOES detected a long-duration B7.5 flare peaking at 07:32 UT (with a long rise time). SDO/AIA images show corresponding post-eruption loops in the NOAA AR 1584, as well as post-eruption loops connecting NOAA ARs 1582 and 1584. The CME speed measured in the LASCO data was around 550 km/s. The arrival of the corresponding ICME at the Earth can be expected early on October 9. A weak geomagnetic disturbance (up to K = 5) is possible.
Currently the Earth is inside a slow (around 300 km/s) solar wind flow with average (around 5 nT) interplanetary magnetic field magnitude. We expect quiet geomagnetic conditions in the coming hours. Via:

Are there anyone who doubts 2012 is the year of solar activity? We are not even to the solar max yet.  Use the following links to see some real data and images in real time.


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