Thats a WIN

Last Sunday, I borrowed my cousins vehicle to make a trip to the hardware store for some supplies. I come out of the store and it won’t start. It acts like someone stole the starter. No grunts, no moans, nada. There was power everywhere and the cables were in good shape. I finally had to have it towed home. Long story short, The start position on  the ignition key went bye bye. The fix was easy, A homemade remote starter button. The win…. I have been recycling some commercial air conditioners. All the wire, connectors, button and the fuse holder came out of my saved for later pile. Total cost of the repair was the price of a torx driver that I needed to get into all the plastic on the steering column to do a diagnostic on the wires.

Lesson 1: Dodge Caravans are a POS. I want my Jeep Comanche back.

Lesson 2: Charge the cell phone before you leave home or have some way of charging away from home. I had to field 5 phone calls on a nearly exhausted battery. I usually don’t have that many calls in a week.

Don’t miss,

Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters: Via Space Weather

Miss Distance
2012 TC4
Oct 12
0.2 LD
21 m

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: A sunspot, currently located on the farside of the sun, is about to emerge over the sun’s southeastern limb. It is crackling with M-class solar flares and could bring a significant uptick in solar activity.

GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY CONTINUES: For the third day in a row, geomagnetic storms are circling the poles. In North America, auroras have spilled across the Canadian border descending as far south as Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.


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