Bummed Out

Well, I threw together some parts to try out some new coils I made and the  cheater box(portable amp) I purchased from Radio Scrap was dead, didn’t work from the get go. Nada. So it’s back to the store again with something that didn’t work when I got it home. And I was pumped up to see if those coils would perform too. I knew I should have built one instead of buying it. Damn,

While I’m bitchin, There’s a site called Make, has some real cool stuff to get ideas from, EXCEPT- The pages were coded by a MORON. Make blog, and all the other make pages is a KILL PAGE. Locks my computer up solid and the only thing I can do about it is reboot. I just avoid the place now and when I’m at the B&N, I move all their magazines to behind the Linux stuff. Good thing I don’t get there often.

I still ain’t gone down to the harbor freight store yet to buy a couple of their magnifiers for the bench yet. I will get there sooner than later as I’m about out of cutting wheels and saws-all blades. ( cheap or premium, have all the same amount of life in them.) The last bunch of motors I broke down for scrap, really went through them wheels fast. Motors break down fast if you cut the exposed wires off with a wheel and drift the remaining portions out with a punch and hammer or an air hammer. You end up with premium metals and also the cheaper magnetic stuff in different piles, so you can maximize the profit from a load.

I’m itching to get back building some more radios. They sell fast too.

The Tip for today is:

A dry erase board with pens work great for designing circuits. You can get them cheap from the dollar store.


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