You May Not Survive!


You cannot get flexible in your thinking. Get out side the box.

You can’t come up with a better solution for bodily waste products. See Typhoid fever and it causes.  It’s a numba one killa GI. All drinking water should be boiled, filtered, or distilled in most emergency situations. 2 words, composting commodes.

You prep for only one scenario, ignoring the rest. History is full of civilizations who were wiped out from many and complex causes. Individually, they could cope. The aggregate destroyed them.

You bought a stump stove……………..Um……..It’s a fucking log…..If you can’t figure it out and make one for your self….Suicide might be your best option, and you should stop reading right NOW!!!

You fell for one of those IDIOTS on you tube, who are showing you how the Indians did it. If my ancestors did the way they show…Well,……I wouldn’t be here now. I would never had been born.

You sent one of those described idiots money…..I’m not getting why you are still reading this. Really!

You think your gonna rebuild society.….History disagrees. Life does continue and centuries may pass, but the fallen society has yet to re-emerge.

You believe in “global warming” in spite of the historical evidence that the  Medieval Warm Period was way…..Way warmer, without all of the modern so called causes. It’s actually getting colder in spite of Mr Gore’s predictions.

You believe than anything in the political arena puppet theater is gonna  get things right again. Neither Romney or Obamma will fix anything. The politician exists for one thing only, To get a lions share of the resources, with the least amount of work possible. All of them are parasites, and a complete waste of resources.

Feel free to add more “IF’s” in the comment section and or share this around if you want. I expect credit and a back link if ya do. Later.


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2 Responses to You May Not Survive!

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    You believe the cops, EMS, will always be there to catch you when you fall. One word: “Katrina”. Now apply to a large scale disaster…

    You think a room full of guns, ammo, and fancy gear is all you need to save you and yours from the “zombie apocalypse”.

    You think a pallet of MREs, shelves full of #10 cans, some seeds which you’ve never planted before will be enough to survive. Especially if you have to relocate. On foot…

    You never consider that all the technology on which the world depends today might not be there tomorrow.

    You are dependent on poison pharmaceuticals for your continued existence. Especially if you do not know and use natural remedies, many of which would make those poison pharmaceuticals unnecessary in the first place…

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    Good ones… : )

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