On The Subject Of Poaching

I was on anutherin blog and made the comment below.

There’s gonna be a lot of poached deer in Pa this year. It is a more honest way to feed a family than the alternatives, when the unemployment runs out. But we have more deer in pa. so much so that there will probably be bonus tags issued this year. I can’t afford the tags this year but I was gifted two crop damage tag deer and a road kill….Or I would be out, without license hunting myself. Down where I’m from, there is mountain rules….And they go like this…If a neighbor gets a an Ill Eagle deer. Mind your own bizzness. Newb’s on the mountain don’t get it and try to bring the low lander rules with them. So we get into a po folks and landowner area. There is something called a right away in the commonwealth and I have had to use that argument before. Day or night I can cross property on Native trails.
There is something else to consider, The shot may have been someone hunting coyote or even coon. He might been only close and not on the actual property. Most poachers favor a 22 rifle with a 1- liter pop bottle on the end with leaves a signature of only a whip crack.
The working poor have few options, The rules are agin us all the way.

Expanding the comment:

A small portion of my family( native) are only recent additions to civilization. They came off the mountains in the 1930’s. Imagine that. We mostly have been working poor blue collar folks, no matter if we were miners, farmers, teamsters, or blacksmiths. There have been mill hunks and laborer’s too. Poaching and moon shine go way back. So matter whether You came from the ridge or from the hollar, You never put yer nose upin the air. We always tried to be legal, But that ain’t always possible. After the bills a box of shells never failed to put meat on the table.

My relative good health is due in not small way to the fact that I eat wild VS domestic at each and every chance. Holistic medicines restored my liver and helped in no small way my health. I get back up my mountains as much as possible. The air is healthier up there.

Right Of Way VS Land Owners : You have a paper that says you own X, and I have a paper that says I can cross your land. From the mason –  dixon to the new yawk border no less. I have faced down a few guns over it. Look it up….Right of Way is very old law and very interesting.


No one owns the land. You rent it from the state by paying taxes like a good little serf. So the state owns it right? Nope. Neither does the country. Countries and states can only collect taxes with an implied use of force. In essence they are gangsters collecting their vigorish. And that only by implied consent of the citizens.

Arguing who owns the land is like fleas arguing who owns the dog they live on. DUH! Implied consent is a mute point up to the TEOTWAWKI event. If there is any justice in the world it will be in mid 2013. Consent, Ownership, and Title will be hotly debated then. I expect that “Holder” rules will win the day then. The land you might be able to “hold” is only the 1-5 acres you sit on. If you are lucky. Ya, I pissed on a few tails there, but I remain a realist. Always remember that I am rooting for the Apocalypse.

Society is a house of cards, It can fall faster and further than most expect.

In closing : I see the gap between the haves and the have nots breaking wider. You might of been an important or self important person in the old world. But, I ain’t gonna do without my meat, taters, and gravy, on your say so. The haves, had they lions share of the cake and eat it to. So solly, I ain’t gonna let you lick the plate too.


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