What Storm?

What Storm ? Is what I’m thinking this morning here. It was bad hit to the east and to the west and even to the south, But the ridge east of here sheltered us well. Laurel Ridge. It’s damp here and cold, but I live in the shadow from the Allegheny mountain. The power never blinked. None of our creeks over flowed. Not that I’m complaining mind you…

I like boring compared to the night that others had. I hope others fared well too. To many were scared stiff due to the hype associated with this storm coverage. You low landers out east might want to rethink where you are living as the new weather  patterns are actually a 300 – 500 year type storm and may possibly be the norm for much of a decade to come. I base that on history. You don’t really think those Spanish ships just sunk them self in the Caribbean? There might just be some facts behind the Lenape migrations stories. Folks might get het up about the calender stone, but other than that, they discount native stories as fiction. Hey white people, how ya feel about the Manhattan purchase this morning. Don’t worry none, those type of storms don’t come around too often. Rebuild, yep,  Move another bunch of rich morons out there again. Friggen future darwin award winners. Shelter in place, that’s the ticket.

When, If, you want to survive, You have to dodge when the Shit hits the fan… It is sad that anyone died last night. There is no rule that anyone had too. When the toll is counted, You can’t put back a life, You can rebuild anything else. There’s no do overs. I feel bad this morning, For those who have lost someone…..Only time will help,  only time will heal, ….

The rest of you, Get back to work.


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8 Responses to What Storm?

  1. Ticom says:

    Got a lot of rain and wind yesterday and last night, but all of our weak trees came down last year.

    If you live in the Northeast, you get a variety of weather. Some of it gets damn interesting at times. Not being ready for what Mother Nature can throw at you just means you have no common sense.

    Got an email from a friend who lives a few towns over. He lost power last night, and told me how great the AM band reception was, without all the electrical interference.

    • Elder Dragon says:

      I had checked the bands and the weather radio and then turned on the satellite tv and watched the news reports. I was working on a simple regen radio build and just dropped it after a while. Flash flooding was a concern near here and I was ready to go help if it had materialized.

  2. Sixbears says:

    Finally got around to figuring your comment form.

    I’m in the sort of place people bug out to. That being said, the veggie van was loaded and ready to go. Even had my canoe ready. Always have an exit plan. There is much to be said for mobility.

  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Glad you came through okay. Yep, lots of folks should have gotten a rude wake up call. Sadly, some didn’t make it to receive that call…

    • Elder Dragon says:

      If I can prep on my budget, anyone can. I wish more folks would do a minimal preparation. The life they save may be their own.

  4. Spud says:

    Yup, I’ve long stated that the rich assholes are usually the ones that wiped out on the coast. Move back IDIOTS !
    Now if you’re a poor person who can only afford to live in bottom land, ya really oughta think about relocating ! Don’t say ya can’t, if’n ya got feet…any of that personal crap don’t mean shit if ya don’t have life.

    • Elder Dragon says:

      My rule is one thousand feet above sea level. I can get to over 3,000 in 30 minutes. Stay away from flood plains. I have some of the oldest rock on earth under my feet. If I check out, it will probably be a rock from the sky that kills me. Barring meteorites and alien attack, I’m all good. So far Sandy’s casualties have been light, Thank the creator.

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