Thinking About Sandy

Some years ago during “W’s” reign, I remember that some of those places on the coast that got washed away, git this, were heralded as  economic recovery. I was shouted down on my opposition to it. Building at sea level on sand is about as stupid as it comes. I also remembered an old Lenape tale about how they were originally from there and went west many centuries ago due some storms that made it impossible to live there. Seems they had heard about the Cahokia city and went west for a look see. Then they came back east ( after a century or two) ( possibly after Cahokia fell) and found the Allegheny people in the way. After warring with the Allegheny tribes they won, and moved back to their eastern tribal lands were they remained until the white folks found them there.


There is not much recorded here in America before the white folks got here. And the whites haven’t been living here abouts for too long. While the east has centuries of recorded history, not so for the west. There is very little known before 1492. We know of the Spanish and their problems. Seems like they were losing about 1 out of 3 ships to the weather and probably 1 out of 5 to pirates.

Hmmm, HMS Bounty anyone.

A faithful recreation foundered during hurricane Sandy and was lost at sea. Even modern shipping has difficulties at sea during hurricanes. Not even modern ships would dare a hurricane with a width 1500 miles. Many assholes pundits are blaming Global Warming Gore Ball warming, but history would tell a different tale. History would point out that we are about to experience the true storms for the americas and not the tamer storms of the last hundred years. Storms that put out waves in the hundreds of feet in height and reaching further inland.

Hindsight is 20/20, to bad there wasn’t any records left in the new world about that give us hind sight. There was a written record, but it was lost to the fires of the catholic priests…. Go figure.

Sandy was a little storm. The next one could be bigger still. We called them HYPERCANES and there is record of them, chiseled in stone by the storms no less.

There have been no reported hypercane as long as human memory remembers, hypercane is only seen on computer models, that suggest how powerful, bigger, taller and destructive hyercanes can be. But what about Super Typhoon Tip?

In 1979, a monsoon trough developed in the western Pacific ocean that in coming days became a massive category-5 hurricane on SSHS scale. The most amazing and shocking thing about this super cyclone was that it was about the half-size of the United States of America. It had winds up to 195 mph, some say that it had winds up to 200 mph gusting to 250 mph. It was about 2,220 km in diameter and the temperatures inside it’s eye were 30°C. Tip had a lowest pressure of 870 mbar, no tropical cyclone has ever achieved this on the planet earth. It made landfall in Japan as a weak tropical storm, the storm killed at least 86 people during its life-span. It also covered a large distance, Tip moved from central western Pacific Ocean and it’s remnants reached Alaska on October 22. Super typhoon Tip formed on October 4 and dissipated into a remnant on October 19, almost a two-week journey. Many scientist do believe that in the future the world will see many cyclones like Typhoon Tip.

Now I have given you some thing to noodle over. Have a nice day.


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