The Walking House Revisited

You “get it” or you don’t.
I could easily picture me building one of these.
Mechanics of it are no problem, Software now, That gets complex.
Those folks at N55 really think outside the box.

Technical specifications:
Basic module:
Height: 3.5 meters= 11.375 feet
Width: 3.5 meters= 11.375 feet
Length: 3.72 meters= 12.2047244094488 feet
Weight: 1200 kg
Max speed: 60 meters/hour (rather slow)
Better with the new software.
Component list:
Plating and framework wood and plywood
Legs made of steel and mechanical components
12 linear actuators
solar panels
micro windmills
polycarbonate plates
interior equipment

Locomotion Via The Wikipedia
“Most often, hexapods are controlled by gaits, which allow the robot to move forward,
turn, and perhaps side-step. Some of the most common gaits are as follows:

Alternating tripod: 3 legs on the ground at a time.
Crawl: move just one leg at a time.

Gaits for hexapods are often stable, even in slightly rocky and uneven terrain.

Motion may also be nongaited, which means the sequence of leg motions is not fixed,
but rather chosen by the computer in response to the sensed environment.
This may be most helpful in very rocky terrain, but existing techniques
for motion planning are computationally expensive.”

For another N55 Project I like.

XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES enables persons to build their own vehicles for transporting persons or goods.
XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES is based on a low cost, light weight, highly durable construction
requiring only simple hand-held, non specialized tools to produce
Technical specifications:

Single person trike type dimensions:
Frame length: 1.5 m
Frame weight: 8 kg
(See 3d drawing for further details)
Component list:
Aluminum tubing
Polycarbonate plate
Stainless steel washers, bolts and nuts
Pedals and crank-box
Chains etc

I get the idea and it’s dirt simple really. The Plans are free on the site.
When I did it, I went to the junk pile and freely substituted various materials for the aluminum.
I had some of the necessary but not all. My front wheels can off a scrapped wheel chair.
I used some hard woods, EMT tubing, crutch parts, and scrap exercise equipment. I used a 3 speed 26 inch back wheel.
I also made the chair into a sling chair as I didn’t have any poly carbonit. It goes together like an erector set.
Build time was about 12 hours and I was on the bike trails right after. After the local trails here I elected to
give it a try on the Yough River trail. This was the first recumbent ride that liked.
It was a success right off the bat. I have already swapped it and now want to build the 2 passenger model with trailer.
I expect good things for it too. It will get a 36 volt hub motor almost off the get go. With the cargo capacity it will
make a good grocery getter.
This time I will spend some extra for the aluminum tubing. Though I will use some vinyl waste for the cargo floors.


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