Freedom Machines

Freedom Machines, the DIY kind.

The Recumbent trike was a blast. I think I first heard about it on face book ( I’m not on it anymore) and was intrigued. But there was a lot of opposition to the design. To bad for all those keyboard cowboy know-it-alls. I went out just to mock it up and ended riding the very next day. I tried to be true to the letter of the design, but not the law of it. Mkay, I built it out of scraps. But I deal in scrap metals part time. It was a win. Even though I used a 3 speed hub on the back and only had dual caliper brakes on the back, It was a strong performer both on the flat and on the grades. Way better than my mountain bike. It was heavy, as I used ferrous metals, both EMT (electrical conduit) and 1 inch box pipe through out. I did use aluminum plates where the plans called for them though. The only major departure from the plans was my choice of seat and my mounting of it. It took three tries to get the sling chair just right for my 6’4″ frame. I feel that adjustment is critical for a good attack angle on the pedal crank. That translates as speed and endurance. I am not in good shape but I easily doubled my best record distance for the mountain bike and I still had some reserves left. The trike got some attention and more than a few folks asked for a test ride. I left anyone try it out who wanted too and the last guy wouldn’t get off the machine. We did a a barter deal and it went home with him. I am satisfied enough with the proof of concept to build another, but this time with the all aluminum frame. I am sure it will be the larger wheel base with built in cargo area. I’m sold enough on these to build the cargo trailer also. I promised my self an electric hub motor also. This would be a prime candidate for such. Now I have to find an affordable outlet for them as if you have seen the prices for them, Jeez, WTF they been smoking. I ain’t gonna pay alot for that conversion.

Most of these conversions do about 30 miles on about 3 cents of electric. Mine will never be plugged in. I can charge one of these on solar and wind. We will see how this turns out. This is a must document build. Before I finish here, I would like to thank N55 for putting this design in the public domain.

The designs of XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES and the XYZ construction and connection principle are Open Source provided under the rules of Creative Commons as specified here. Any use of the works must include proper credits to N55 and collaboratorTill Wolfer and a link to Existing N55 designs and new designs will be available in the format of construction drawings.


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3 Responses to Freedom Machines

  1. Sixbears says:

    Thanks for the post. Good design. Looks relatively easy to build using common tools.

  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Looking forward to the build.

  3. Elder Dragon says:

    Sixbears : While others can use whatever tools they have. I will be using a bunch of my air tools. It goes together like an old school erector set. I think it could be assembled by a bright 12 year old with some help (supervision) with the various power tools.
    Mayberry : I needed a project to keep me from going bonkers. Your own project helped get me off my arse and get going. Dio’s project with the engine on a bike helped to get me kick started too. That was a cool build.
    Part 1. is getting the best materials that I can scrounge. A big plus would using found parts through out. Got to have some Gomi style here.
    Part 2. is more complex with electric motor, speed controller, batteries, and off grid charging system. Almost forget range extension.
    Part 3. Safety, visibility, lighting, Ect…. This is one vehicle that I would wear a helmet on. They are that fast. I’m thinking about some roll over protection too. Going down some of these hills, I have been clocked in excess of 40 mph. on the mountain bike of course. If I get one of the motors I’m looking at, 40 mph can be expected, at least on the flat. I’m also looking at this as a last chance buggout vehicle.

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