Freedom Machine Project

( Work in progress )

It’s off to a slow start, But that will change.
I was up most of last night using conversion tables once again, as I scraped
my plans… I was using a borrowed tablet device to display the PDF file
and my original conversion tables.
Framecomponent FR_1a
x2 1500.00mm( 59.1 inches )The single passenger model
25mm square aluminum tubing ( 0.985 inches )
2mm material thickness ( 0.0788 inches )
6.5mm @ holes ( 0.2561 inches )think 1/4-20 bolts.

Framecomponent FR_1b
x2 1500.00mm( 59.1 inches )The single passenger model
25mm square aluminum tubing ( 0.985 inches )
2mm material thickness ( 0.0788 inches )
6.5mm @ holes ( 0.2561 inches )think 1/4-20 bolts.

I love GNU Linux. Most distros come with gMeasures. You can convert just about
any measure to any other measure with ease. Before you say windows or mac can do that,
I haven’t used either for nearly a decade or more.
So now ya’ll get that the plans are in metric and only the single passenger is available.
So I’m looking at the other model frame by frame in video and with a comparative analysis in
still pictures.  Close will be good enough.
So I’m in the 72 inch ball park at the moment. This is where I leave the design behind.
Their original design claims 8Kg. That’s 17.6368 Lbs. A respectable number. My proof of concept went just shy of 50 lbs.
50 lbs is very close to some of the store bought models out there,
and they Cost $$$.

I respect the design  and the reasons behind their designs. I hope they would do the same for me.
Their enviroment and geo location makes sense to use that design. However I’m at 2000 feet
above sea level and in mountainous terrain. I’m gonna beat this like a jeep and it better hold up.
2mm thickness aluminum ain’t gonna cut it.
That box tube like that is the stuff they make TV aerials with. It is strong stuff
But ain’t about to hold up to what I bring. If I can find affordable aluminum with at
least double the wall thickness, it would be all good.
At right now,  Aluminum is too expensive a proposition.
Cost is always a factor in my projects.

Another factor is payload. The rider is 6′ 4″ and 265 lbs. I want at least that amount of payload again,
without the trailer. I expect about 100-150 lbs payload for the trailer.
I gotta find bigger ( taller & fatter ) tires for this. This is gonna get insane.

Sources of supply for:
1/4-20 bolts and locking nuts. ( 100ea. needed for the single seat model ) ( Grade 3 or 5 )
Metals ( local is best as shipping costs more than the products )
Bulk bicycle chain.( ditto )
More donor vehicles needed.
Heavier spokes.
Misc materials.
Better Name for the project.

Due to poverty here and other where, Poor folks need affordable transportation.
This ain’t Haiti, This is CONUS.
This Port of the project would put it closer to their grasp.
I ain’t about art. Folks know what I think of the CO2 Bull$hit.
I’m aiming to live without anything I can’t make or modify locally.
I’m not wanting to buy even one gallon of fuel.
This is a “By your own boot straps operation.”
I’m keeping this, where I found it, Open Source.

Anyone wanting to be critical, Guess which finger/s I’m holding up? n1m  m1n…

The designs of XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES and the XYZ construction and connection principle are Open Source
provided under the rules of Creative Commons as specified here. Any use of the works must include proper
credits to N55 and collaborator  Till Wolfer and a link to Existing N55 designs and new designs
will be available in the format of construction drawings.


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2 Responses to Freedom Machine Project

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I kinda like Freedom Machine, but mebbeh you’ll come up with something snappier. I like the concept. And yeah, nothing like a good project for sanity maintenance…

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    Names like:
    Human power pickup trike.
    Last resort ghetto raider.
    My git out of Dodge dodge.
    Mkay, My pick is the S.H.T.F.H.P.V. I like it.

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