The Old Improviser

Or where I got it from. That’s easier than pie. My Grandfather was known by that appellation.
That man could look at just about any task, take stock of the materials at hand and go right to work.
He had been a stoker on a steam shovel, to a machinist, plumber, a shot firer in a coal mine, a farmer,
a milkman, the list goes on. He only a high school diploma and the rest of his education was from books and life experiences. A life long advocate of the learn by do school. He was never afraid to put a book in my hands and introduced me to many and varied authors. One of his favorites was Robert Heinlein.
I learned much at his side. Whether the task was shoveling shit or unloading coal, he was right beside you from the first to the last.
He could see right through the Bravo Sierra and interpret things in a unique style.
I think he would have loved the H-H-O stuff, and here I get to a point. There is a lot of nay an yea stuff written about the torch aspect of H-H-O use. With the right flow you can do most anything at all with it. The jet or orifice must be sized accordingly. You can solder and braze easily, and even cut….wait for it……and weld even.
All that is required is decent equipment and good technique. Many state with some certainty that it won’t weld good at all, because of the water produced by the reaction of hydrogen combustion…..In the corner and a dunce cap for you MOFO’s.
Explain to me again about welding….especially in the presence of water, like under water welding…Is that impossible???
Explain to me, a veteran blacksmith of over 40 years experience, how this can’t cut steel…….I’m waiting.
The most common element in the world or even on the inter-web-thingy is stupidity and know-it- alls. Show me and the world that you can pass for an intelligent life-form, or go back to your cave you knuckle dragging cromag you.
Can’t doesn’t belong in your vocabulary. Darwin award winners can’t do things….Are you a future candidate for a Darwin Award?

There is lots of things that folks say can’t be done. Like….

That looks like a can do attitude to me.
Explanation, Demonstration, and Practical Application all at once.
Or maybe you need to go see the video again. Just to get it.

Next up…
Ackerman’s law


I got to try that with the neutral plates.
I get some good results with tap water and with rain water with very little baking soda added.
But he made some good points about amps and heat.
The point he made about frequency is valid also.
Good-luck and don’t blow yer face off.

Late Update:

So simple a child can do it.

“DIY HHO Torch (Water Torch) for only $4


In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt small pieces of metals like tin cans. This can be used in various applications it can be connected into your fire torch or in your car which is also known as the HHO Hybrid Generator which can reduce your fuel consumption although I don’t have a car I am still a 12 years old boy.”


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