2nd Post for Today, Got Hydrogen?

Got Hydrogen?
Safety first. Use real spark arresters.
Seal everythang up with goop and tape and clamps.
Or watch the Vid….

Don’t be sorry. BE SAFE!

That out of the way…
This looks real good for the hobbyist.
Remember the neutral plates.

I’ll try a version of this for my torch and let ya know how it turned out.
With Pics and vids of course.

Remember the DIY torch?

So, It don’t get much simpler than all that.
Are you handy? Remember to let us know how it worked for you.
The very last thing you need for one of these system is the Pulse Width Modulator.
But, I got an Idea or two about that.

Or the SHTF HPV project side. I got the first of the materials and more on the way.
So’s I got most of the steering parts in the yard already.
I solved the tubing notch problem also. Cheap at that. But that will be another post.
This gonna happen. m/…..m/….Ya buddy.


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4 Responses to 2nd Post for Today, Got Hydrogen?

  1. Sixbears says:

    This is all great stuff. If I run down this rabbit hole right now, I’ll get nothing else done for a while, so I’m resisting. However, applications are already turning over in my mind. Keep the cool projects coming.

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    The second video is real good with a battery charger for a power supply. But not just any charger will do. You need a multi mode or a the least a dual rate setup for 6 to 12 VDC, with a Boost would be a plus. Keep the amps down and daisy chain a few in series or parallel depending which works best for your application. That one would just about run a lawn tractor all by itself with a deep cycle bat for the power supply. I’m thinking of putting one like that in a old tower computer case and adding a quick fill to replace the water. I will only use backing soda as the potassium hydroxide reacts badly with aluminum. The components I the way described would make a killer shop torch setup.
    Doing a pulse width modulator last makes sense as you can still use the system without it and it will take some dialing in depending the water conditions where yer at. Some water doesn’t need any additives at all. I’m waiting to try it out on some of the iron rich water from around here. I’m pretty sure that the city water around here is of so bad quality that it won’t need and added electrolytes either.

  3. Sixbears says:

    I’ve already got the charger.

    Baking soda makes sense to me. The torch would be handy. Now that I have some idea what parts to look for I can slowly gather up what I need.

  4. Elder Dragon says:

    I got one more experimental unit to try. But, I’m trying to keep it simple for others to replicate using easily made/constructed with off the shelf items.
    If I can get out to the farm I’ll replicate my 55 gallon fusor experiment on video for shits and giggles. That aside I’m liking the new wrinkles with these on demand systems. All to soon these will be found in about every other shop across the country. When I think of how much propane and Acetylene I had purchased over the last 35-40 years when I could have been making my own gas from water, I just shake my head. One other thing, if you use a glass container for any of these systems, shield them behind some plexiglass and use them in a well vented work place.

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