DIY Hydrogen on Demand

This is a project within a project. I need a torch for brazing so I found out that hydroxy makes a fair Torch. So I was almost all day on the road,  Taxi driving….I drive for some locals car pool. Getting folks where they had to be, The last stop was a pickup at a WallFart to pick up and employee coming off shift. I was 15 minutes early and had a look around. Cool. In the pet dept. they got some of the on demand hydroxy parts ( aquarium stuff ). Cheap, so I picked them up for to put together as seen on youtube designs.

Airline 8 foot $1.72, bubble stone 2 fer $1.32, check valve $1.87, after tax total $5.21… Now, if with assembled with a 1-2 quart plastic jar for the reactor and say a gatorade container for a bubbler, we need only some hookup wire rated for 12 VDC  some bolts, washers, glue, sealant, and a hose barb or two  for the reactor and bubbler . Whoopps , almost forgot the non-magnetic stainless, we’ll get that from a scrap piece of cookware. What else did I forget? oh. I couple of those nifty plastic bolts and nuts with a few extra stainless nuts. I let Ya’ll know when I got the rest, probably after the turkey day feast.

I all ready have the wire hookup w/fuze. There will be a few extras, after we prove the first model and beef it to make a supply for a torch. I got a few or three ideas on how I’ll make the torch. Sans duct tape, bailing wire, or hot melt glue.

Like Red Green always said,”If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

Thats all fer now, Later, Dragon


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