The World As You Know It

The world as you know it can change,

Radically even.
Look at Katrina or Sandy, Bam! You are off the grid
with limited resources and waiting for help.
Power, What power? Gas, What gas? Food? Water?
Sanitation? Lighting? Cooking? Transportation?
Oh My God, What are We to do?

Transportation? I have the rest covered in spades.
That’s why I came up with a last chance to get out of dodge vehicle.
It shore beats the alternatives. Walking out with your possessions on yer back.
Ya won’t git far that a way.
That’s why I looked around for a DIY solution. Something that you can make, modify,
or build that will fit the bill. Something that you can build with minimal tools and expertise.

The recumbent trike fits that bill to a “T”.
It’s off the shelf tech. It’s scalable. You can buy or even scavenge the materials to build it.
You can add options like multi-speeds or just use it with a beach cruiser single speed hub.
It’s a tadpole design, I call them “Tail Draggers”, Because it rides so low.
These can be used by young or old alike and even can be made for special needs individuals.
Other options could be added like motors, electrical or gas to increase the range and help with hills.

I’m Impressed enough to copy the space frame design, at least the steering.
But, my worry is the weight. I have to crop the weight to be agile, but not lose the payload capability.
I want 550 lbs aggregate of rider and payload. A trailer would be nice also.
It has to be sturdy but flexible and I think that’s covered.

Where it stands right now is, A 26 or 27 inch fat tire or mountain bike tire.
No lesser than 24 inch front tires, also mountain bike types.
3/4 inch EMT conduit for the frame. OD is almost 1 inch.
1 inch box tubing for the cross members and steering parts.
55 gallon plastic pickle barrel for misc. pieces like fenders and such.
Possibly a fairing too.
Seat. wanted a high back fiberglass type or go with another canvas sling chair.
Misc. pieces like reflectors and other visibility items.

I was impressed with the performance of my first effort. It greatly increased the range that
I was capable of with the mountain bike. That says a lot. But, it was a short wheel base design
and the next will be a longer wheel base with extra room for a rider, cargo or both.

Challenges met so far.
Resolved the tubing notch problem with a combination of high speed power drill( ), hole saw (, rotary file ( ).
Optional drill guide ( ).
( )
Also resolved the gusseting materials problem.

I have most of those tools, already with the exception of the drill guides.
Remember, Three wheels have less rolling resistance than two. Load distribution accounts for that.
Do You see it yet? More importantly are you feeling it yet?


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2 Responses to The World As You Know It

  1. Spud says:

    Tis good for roads but would be not usable for in the bush, and roads are where the bad guys gonna be. O course then’s when you revert to the original equipment, ie feet don’t fail me now !

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    I’m working on the off road idea too. Long ago I raced BMX. This would work on trails to a point, the point where suspension and an engine would be necessary. But, Yes there is always the final option of feet. Hopefully, The individual will have made if out of the threat zone with more of his goods than what would have been with only the on foot option. If he started early enough, He may have made it to a position of safety with everything still intact. This design allows the individual more range in short amount of time, than by feet alone. It also allows for a make it from junk, no money in the budget, last resort option.
    I look forward to proving the design on a road trip in the spring with a maximum load.

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