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Checking In

I was away for the holidays and had a blast. The food was good and the company was better. I have to put the projects on hold for a bit as the snow is getting thicker and the weather is … Continue reading

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It’s The END of the World as You know It, and I feel fine.

Not that the end of the world is all most over We can now look forward to the year from Hell. I won’t be laughing until around June 30th or so. It ain’t over, the fat lady hasn’t even tuned … Continue reading

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PWM – Pulse Width Modulation

* Watch the vid to get the idea.||| This one allows a hobby experimenter to work with the principle on a budget. I’m still looking for a 12 VDC unit in the 90-120 watt range. That would fit the bill … Continue reading

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More Progress

I got a video device and am learning it’s idiosyncrasies. I may take it back and exchange it for one of the other devices. Something with a way to do it from a tripod. The one I got is to … Continue reading

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Project Progress

Got some more of the materials today. Found some others in one of my save piles. Still need one or more donor vehicles. Still looking for the longest, widest pedal crank with multiple gears, with a preference for a free … Continue reading

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