Project Progress

Got some more of the materials today. Found some others in one of my save piles.
Still need one or more donor vehicles. Still looking for the longest, widest pedal
crank with multiple gears, with a preference for a free wheel crank set.

Still need more fasteners.

Made head way with a novel type of gearing, If it works out….
Well, That would be just fine.

Started doing the math for the electrification options. I may have to
build my own motor to keep That option alive…All the green weenies
have driven the price of motors up by 300%.
Most of the affordable options are way to small. One small side project
is an analog controller.
Well, That’s if I can’t find an off the shelf alternative. We’ll see.

Factors beyond my control, have delayed the acquisition of a video device,
Possibly till tomorrow.
Lesson learned. When others fail to produce as promised, They do so at the
worst possible time.
Sorry Dude, Ya lost your place in the lifeboat and don’t be expecting me
to throw you a floatation device.
Shit floats, so I don’t expect that you’ll drown.

Made some headway with the Gasser. A stainless exhaust pipe fell off
a semi, a few car lengths ahead.
It should be just the ticket for the plates, after cutting to size and shape.
If it’s non magnetic, That would really work out. If it’s not, It will do for
the short time anyhow.

All in all, I’m a few parts/days away from assembling a rolling chassis.
One thing that would change things a bit,
would if I could find a working rear suspension from a mountain bike.
There’s always something.
I’ll be posting other news as it happens. Later, Dragon


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2 Responses to Project Progress

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Can’t hardly count on anyone these days. Lookin’ forward to the next installment…

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    I got a cheap video thing. Now I have to learn how to use it.
    I made headway with the “BEEG” Hydrogen project. Way Beeg, Beaucoup beeg….
    the run of the mill hydrogen torch will solder and braze like no other, but to really cut and to actually have a good weld, you need a few PSI of pressure. That’s just a small FIX. Welding with hydrogen is more like Tig welding than Oxy Acetylene.
    Acetylene is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2. It is a hydrocarbon and the simplest alkyne. This colorless gas is widely for brazing and welding…… Um, it’s two hydrogen and two carbon folks….If you can’t weld on hydrogen and oxygen alone, then give up….

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