More Progress

I got a video device and am learning it’s idiosyncrasies. I may take it back and exchange it for one of the other devices. Something with a way to do it from a tripod. The one I got is to unstable as a hand held.

Now on the hydro-gasser, I’m sold on “Pulse width modulation” as a way to keep the volts and amps down as well as the heat in the chamber. Totally by accident I found an affordable answer, Use the batteries and speed controller from a toy scooter. On the one I tried gas production was up, but there is still a few tweeks to get it in a sweet zone. So, I need a new used scooter to work with, the one I tried had to be restored to operation as a toy or some kid’s  christmas was gonna suck.

To max the gas keep the amps down. That in turn keeps the heat down. Also the power can be reduced from 12 vdc to around 5 vdc.  I also went to a bigger bubbler to have some more gas on hand as a reserve. I think the Bubbler will be the same size as the reaction chamber on the final model. It should serve to add a few PSI to the available fuel to the torch. So far, The unit as described was able to run a minibike without gasoline, only from the on demand product. I am confident that  a larger unit could be made to run a vehicle, be it a car or pickup truck. That is something to be looked at later. Right now, My focus is on the trike. See Ya’ll later, Dragon.


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3 Responses to More Progress

  1. Bustednuckles says:

    I am sitting here laughing my ass off. Dude, you are terrible!
    (hysterical laughter again)
    Dismantling a kids Christmas toy for your evil experiments.
    (even more hysterical laughter)
    That’s the funniest damn thing I’ve heard in ages.
    I’d tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself but I can’t stop laughing!
    I find that so funny because it sounds exactly like something I would do.

    Igor! Go get me a fresh kiddy scooter!

    All kidding aside, I like this, the pulse width thing is interesting all by itsself and I have been quietly kind of half assed keeping an eye on this little project of yours. Keep updating your progress.


  2. Elder Dragon says:

    Um, I was over my buddies place and he was putting the kids things together for christmas. Of course we all had a turn on that little scooter. Them things still zip around even with my 260 lbs on it. I don’t know how it came that we decide to hook it to the gasser, but it did work rather good. And Yep, I need one of the zippy zappy what evers to experiment with it.
    But it F’ing works good. The kids Mom was like, it better still work on christmas. We stopped playing with the scooter and had a blast blowing 1 liter bottles around with hydrogen explosions. We stopped playing when the cops showed up. Sheez, a dozen or so explosions and they call the cops. I explained how to make one and even the proper way to make the boom, the cop was real impressed and gave me a warning. It was all good. I’m still smiling about it.

  3. Elder Dragon says:

    I forgot my ” don’t do that a home” speech….
    It wasn’t as bad as when the upstairs neighbor came home to see big arcs of electricity grounding on her oven door from my tesla coil downstairs.
    Bitch called the fire department. Don’t do that at home either. Really.

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