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Is This A Future? FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 Despite the pervasiveness of law enforcement surveillance of digital communication, the FBI still has a difficult time monitoring Gmail, Google Voice, and Dropbox in real time. But that … Continue reading

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Out and About

It  was supposed to be a high 50 degrees today, so I took a stroll to stretch my legs. I got a good look at the local creeks water level. It’s down from the high water line, about 38 inches … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Bitcoins

I’m feeling some better now as the treatment I’m using to reduce a dental infection seems to had a favorable effect on my recent vision loss. I’ll be going out tomorrow to get some stronger reading glasses. Bitcoins, Really,  Try … Continue reading

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Set Backs

Things were going to plan, slowly but in the general direction I had laid out. My two setbacks are both health related.  One, I need to lose the rest of my teeth and Two, I have to see the eye … Continue reading

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Two of the Best Off the Grid Ideas

#1. Float Cabin, WOW, It’s one of the best done examples I have seen in a while. This guy gets small solar and small wind and that’s why it works so well. I love it. #2.  Rocket Stove, KISS principle … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

This one has enough of the right stuff to make my April trip. I still will have to tune it up a notch. More of an old school design. Not like the plastic boats that can’t deliver and cost 3-6 … Continue reading

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The Government Says You Might Be A Terrorist If…

You Know Your Government is Delusional When….. Play the video again.

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Finity’s End

I’ve settled on the boats name. Finity’s End. It fits. Finity’s End and Other Songs of the Station Trade Off-Centaur Press – 1985 – OCP-45 Out of Print – Company Defunct Producer: Teri Lee Sr. Engineer: Jeff Rogers Engineers: Teri … Continue reading

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The Glory Days of SWL

Memories, So put on your head phones, close your eyes and give this a listen. I could almost hear my Dad hollar ,”If I have to tell you one more time, Turn that radio off and go to sleep.” or … Continue reading

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It’s a GO!

The mission is to escape the rat race by boat. To adapt to a even more frugal lifestyle choice. Building the boat is a go. It is a realistic attainable goal. Building a boat isn’t rocket science. But, building it … Continue reading

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