More DIY and Flogging Molly for Attitude


I like this one for a small portable creek explorer craft. Though I would mod it some. Mods would include: 3/8 ply construction, Add one foot length, A more aggressive bow angle, A smidgen of rocker over the length of the boat, and lastly I would build it as one piece.

You could rig a tarp over it and camp in boat on water with no problems.  It’s shallow draft and can glide on spit. I would thicken the hull to 3/8 because of my area. We have a ton of rocks in the stream beds, Left from the last ice age.

The designer Ken Simpson has a page over at

His Mini Camper Cruiser  is kinda novel too.

While at Duckworks check out the CaraWhale. It’s a camper, No it’s a boat….Um, it’s a camper cruiser.

More interesting DIY  boats can be found at:

There are thousands of cheap, novel ways to cross water. Hell, I’d like to build them all. But, I ain’t got the time. Till Later, Dragon Out.


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One Response to More DIY and Flogging Molly for Attitude

  1. Bustednuckles says:

    I finally had time to get back to this. I remembered wanting to see the designs but was pressed for time.
    I like that Mini Camper Cruiser design. You could build up in the front for space. Maybe even put a soft top on it or a half and half hard top.
    You could also install a small platform on the nose for extra storage.
    The whale was cute but too damn short.
    The mini camper also looks to have a pretty shallow draft.

    Nice pick on the tune BTW. I have seen Flogging Molly twice now and it is one hell of a fun concert. A couple years ago me and a buddy wound up six feet away from the band up front. Good show but we both agreed we are getting too old for the crazy fucking bastards who decided to have a mosh pit right behind us. We both felt like we had been playing tackle football by the time we got out of there.

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