The Right Stuff

This one has enough of the right stuff to make my April trip. I still will have to tune it up a notch. More of an old school design. Not like the plastic boats that can’t deliver and cost 3-6 times as much. When I talk kayak, I’m not talking about Yuppie POS or Native jobs. This one will hold all my gear and then some for an expedition style trip. It’s large enough to sleep in on the water too, but small enough to portage easily. The length is 12 feet, The beam is 3 feet, the draft is 2 inches depending on loading. Time of assembly looks to be around 3 days. Like I said before, The plywood goes up in class from 1/4 to 3/8’s from the get go. It’s more than enough boat for trips #1 and #2. Trip#2 will see the addition of a sail to speed things along on the Allegheny river side of things. has free downloadable plans to build this 12′ Huntington Harbor kayak from common construction materials.

Easy To Build Boat Plans at has plans to build this Huntington Harbor Kayak. You can download these for free. The site also has many other boat plans, and much more home built boat information.

Here are my favorite picks from his page.

12′ Huntington Harbor (FREE!)

16′ Eloi Cajun Canoe

13′ Marsh Rat Mini Duck Boat

While you are there, don’t miss the  free electronic library that will assist you in deciding which boat to build, and to fill you in on the various techniques to build it, and to assist you with some of the other requirements of home built boats.

Free Boat Building E-Books
Free Boat Building Articles
Free Boat Building Reports
U.S. Coast Guard Publications

Give this page a look over, You could do a lot worse…

Yep, This is a win. Later…


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3 Responses to The Right Stuff

  1. Sixbears says:

    Pretty straight forward build. Decent lines for what you want to do. Good initial stability. I’m pretty heavy so I’d stretch it out a bit, but that’s me.

    Are you going to make it so the cockpit can be closed with a skirt? As is, it would be fine for up to class 2 rapids. A skirt would bump that up a class.

    Not a real fast boat, but not a snail either.

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    This one is like the first boat I shot the yough rapids with. I figure her good for 450 lbs. More if you add air bags to her. Mods for her include: air boxes stem and stern, a hint of a skeg aft, Hard chines along the center side panels, extra rub rails for the rocks, possible extra floatation, built in foot rests, one center hard chine bottom hull from stem to stern, Two 2/3 length hard chines bottom hull, two cargo hatches, and about anything else I can add later.
    This hull will laugh at rough water, but it’s not a free style machine by any means. The 12 foot length will be hard to manage in the creek part of the trip, Easy to handle in the mid yough class 2 from confluence to ohiopyle. It looks like the water will be up on the lower yough (Class 3-4), but there are chicken routes around most of the roughest stuff. Otherwise you could still just bob like a cork for the whole white water areas with no problems at all. She’ll handle like a jewel for the rough stuff, but shine all the brighter for the boring waters from connelsville down. I might wanna rig some shade for the rest of the trip. Take out is at under I-70 across from smithtown.
    I’m a lazy paddler who lets the river do the work. So the only speed I worry about is when I’m headed to shore.
    I plan to keep the cockpit wide open, but have a snap in skirt in mind for the rough water or weather.
    I do know the will be some last minute changes and substitutions, so we’ll see how all of this turns out. I like enough plans to get the direction I want to go, but still leave enough leeway for improvisation. Same goes for the trip I’m planning for 1 week but allowing for 2 in case things get interesting, or I might want to lay over somewhere for an extra day or two.

  3. Craig says:

    I like it! And those links just got added to my favorites for later printing…

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