Two of the Best Off the Grid Ideas

#1. Float Cabin, WOW, It’s one of the best done examples I have seen in a while. This guy gets small solar and small wind and that’s why it works so well. I love it.

#2.  Rocket Stove, KISS principle on steroids. Self feeding stove, Right for camp, Live aboards, and All off the grid applications. I’ll be using this type on the live aboard boat. Fuel could be drift wood found all over. This one has lots of potential. Check out his Instant Water Heater Mod for the stove.

Remember to think outside the box with this one. It can be sized to suit the application as desired.This is small bucks, big bang. I like it. That’s all I got for today, I’m dealing with nasty weather, a nastier cold, and a phantom tooth ache. Later, Dragon


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