Thoughts and Bitcoins

I’m feeling some better now as the treatment I’m using to reduce a dental infection seems to had a favorable effect on my recent vision loss. I’ll be going out tomorrow to get some stronger reading glasses.

Bitcoins, Really,  Try again.

Sounds like Video Game script. Who ever came up with this really never played online video games much. If they had played Diablo 2 expansion and were hip to all the scams, I think they would have come up with something better. Bitcoins aren’t going to be able buy me milk,bread, gas or cigs anymore than video game gold can buy me anything tangible. Bitcoins is a good way to lose whats left of your ass. I think a better currency would be wooden nickles. For value, the few grams of gold I got out of circuit boards are better bet. One thing is for certain, There is no such thing for wealth retention. It’s a LIE. The lie is fed to sheep and makes it easier to shear them.

I can’t get where Cliff is at here. Deletable wealth. Only Suckers will play this game. Gardens and seeds are better investments.




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6 Responses to Thoughts and Bitcoins

  1. Sixbears says:

    I want to believe, I really do, but I can’t. I just don’t see it. The idea of electronic weath that can’t be taken away and is available anywhere on the planet is a tempting one. Of course, it’s only of value of it can be turned into cheese sandwiches. (or something else of real worth)

    It’s also one grid down situation from going away.

    Clif may have made some good calls in the past, but I don’t think this is one. Now lets see how he does on the Global Coastal Event.

    Glad that dental treatment is working.

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    Be careful…

    Bitcoin is a currency and only has exchange value and no use value outside of that role.

    All currencies are merely future claims on wealth and not wealth itself.

    It is actually anti wealth since you need to be able to exchange your currency for something that you can actually use and has use value.

    It is so important that you understand this and not get caught in a something for nothing scam.

  3. Tom says:

    The recent theft of money from the banks in Cyprus is proof that the safest way to keep your wealth is when you have it in hand and can personally protect it.

  4. Elder Dragon says:

    The Bit coin fools will get fleeced in time and if your a Po folks like me, PM’s are out of the question. The only PM’s I have are lead and brass. I convert everything else to tangible goods sooner than later. I would rather have a ton of coal than an ounce of gold. No one will be trying to kill me for a ton of coal. Same goes fer lead.
    Now stealing bitcoins is a no brainer. Someone will just put a colt charge card to yer haid or to a family members haid and poof, it’s gone. Same fer gold too. Most folks who invest in Pm’s ever live long enough to realize any profit. Now, the dude who steals your bitcoin will probably be a thug, But the guy who robs you out of yer PM’s is most likely to be a “Cujo” renegade law doggie…. Now the guy found stealing from my garden or seeds, Him we can call fertilizer or hog feed, or both. The collapse will be of the ratchet down type, just when you think it can’t get any worse, think again as the jacks slip lower one more notch. Now this bit coin bubble will collapse and it will hurt, Then they’ll line up a bunch of sheep fer a nuther run. It’s gonna hurt the bankers and the stock markets….That bell tolling you hear in yer fertile imagination is clanging fer the U S of A. Bye, Bye, Miss Amurica Pie.

  5. Bustednuckles says:

    We already have deletable wealth.
    If you have money invested or in a bank, they can delete it for you and transfer it electronically .
    POOF! You have no money citizen.

  6. Elder Dragon says:

    I had one bitcoin given to me at @6.00 USD. The guy was cool and helpful and the transfer went smoothly. Then the power fluctuated and booted me offline, and I didn’t have a bitcoin anymore. He didn’t have it and it was lost beyond recovery. POOF it’s gone. For good. Faster than the banks in greece. Today, That lost bitcoin is valued at 80.00 USD. I haven’t used bitcoin for my tip jar on any of my blogs since that one day. I would be better served to panhandle the old fashioned way than to trust bitcoins at all. Period. This is a rich mans game and I sure as hell won’t play. This is like watching folks get sucked in on three card monty… The first couple of saps win a few paltry dollars till the chump shows up and loses his wad.

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