Out and About

It  was supposed to be a high 50 degrees today, so I took a stroll to stretch my legs. I got a good look at the local creeks water level. It’s down from the high water line, about 38 inches lower than last week. But, there’s still enough depth to float a kayak. I had a call while I was out about another days work on friday. That will take care of the rest of the  wood purchase and some of the glue for the project. One piece at a time. Once the boat is fabbed up, there will be almost enough for a second kayak. Just in case. I’m so used to living on nuthing that it has a feel like a lottery win. A few more days of work and I’ll be setting right where I want to be with some new gear for the trip. Nothing to fancy,  just a few items that will pay a dividend or two just by having them along.

While I was out , I was thinking over some of the preps for spring. I think I’m gonna plant more of everything just in case, Both at home and the guerrilla gardens elsewhere. I’m thinking of going bigger with my canning this year too. I’m thinking more varieties of squash and of course more of the beans. One thing is sure, I’ll have a hunting license this year with as many stamps as I can get. Pa sucks, as you have to purchase almost one stamp per critter you plan to hunt, Almost… Not quite. At least I’ll be legal.

I read some more about the Bitcoins and I’m now sure that it is unsafe at any speed. I sure won’t invest any of my hard earned cash in it. I’ll put that cash into another bag or two of rice. About the only good thing I can say about it is, It’s gonna make the bankers lose sleep, give em a bad case of indigestion. It’s gonna play hell with the economy too. Then it will go the way of E-Gold. Remember that scam? Shit, they still ain’t paid off on that one yet. The FOOL and his money are soon parted, fer sure.

I was asked if I still believed in the global coastal event…. Yeppers, There has been enough fireball events this year to make it a likely occurrence. There has been over  a dozen in the last month alone. I’ll only rule it out, if we get to november with out incident. Trust me, there is gonna be plenty happening between then and now. We do live in some interesting times. Prep on folks, Stay the course. Later, Dragon out.


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