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Muhahaha! Gun Control….Amunition Control….Snicker Snort Snarf

Well, I wuz plenty tickled to get my hands on the 26.5 Czech Flare Pistol the other day. I would have to types of flares for my sail boat fer sure. 26.5 of course and a 12 gauge with the … Continue reading

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Monroeville Gun Show

I’m Back. Trying to rejoin the working force has taken a toll on me. On the good side of things, I’m snapping back into shape. Yesterday I was on my way to the Harbor Freight store to get a replacement … Continue reading

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Final Expenses

Something to think on. A bare bones “Shake and Bake” funeral cost 3K. Some kind of will is a good idea too, along with some rudimentary insurance, or yer next of kin may prop you up in a chair with … Continue reading

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Grandmother Has Passed

My Elderly relative whom I have been caring for has passed. Uma cared for me when I had my strokes, She was better to me than my own mother. I will miss her. I will follow the Lenape tradition and … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Me….

It’s a good day for some CCR. A beauty of a day, but it ain’t gonna last. I’m working to get some cash to pay the tooth puller. Then It’s all goin into the boats and preps. Them there new … Continue reading

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We’re Not Gonna Take It

We knew it in 1985….. COME OUT AND PLAY…..

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This is Gun Control

Any questions? The Right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Any questions? This is my preferred anti infringement tool. Yes, I carried it in harms way and am considered to be expert in its various applications. Any questions? ANY … Continue reading

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Guns and Ammo, Gun Control Is Being to Hit Your Target.

The Genie is out of the bottle. That is why they went after the ammo. I realized this some years ago when I witnessed the gunsmiths of Pakistan building modern guns with 1800’s technology. No army in history, starting with … Continue reading

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