Guns and Ammo, Gun Control Is Being to Hit Your Target.

The Genie is out of the bottle. That is why they went after the ammo.

I realized this some years ago when I witnessed the gunsmiths of Pakistan building modern guns with 1800’s technology. No army in history, starting with Alexander has ever won in that region. Nor will any. The Kyber region is where foreign armies go to die.

AK triggers explained.

Lastly, A shot of someone shooting my favorite AK model, The AMD 65.

Addressing the ammo shortage. DHS started a panic with their recent order, Then the Speculator maggots moved in and bought up remaining stocks to realize some quick profit. Don’t pay the profiteer prices. Let them eat all the costs and buy when the ammo prices fall again. Don’t be fooled, Don’t be ripped off. If you are of those that the panic buy folks corner about buying ammo, Kick the MOFO in the Balls.


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5 Responses to Guns and Ammo, Gun Control Is Being to Hit Your Target.

  1. Sixbears says:

    I’ve been pretty much saying the same thing. They can’t stop people from building their own guns. Bullets are the current choke point, but there are several ways around that. I’m paying those crazy ammo prices until the price comes back to earth. Glad I put some away when the price was right.

  2. Elder Dragon says:

    Right or Left, the Crooks in washington are afraid of an armed public. The whole smoke and mirrors about “assault rifles” is BS. There is no comparison from a semi-auto rifle and a military assault weapon. Other than cosmetic speaking. Simply put, Those who beat their swords into plowshares, Plow for those who don’t.
    An AK or an AR15 is wallmart technology. I can add here that most of the homemade type guns are superior to almost any store bought ones. The government might just change, but an armed armerica won’t.

  3. Bustednuckles says:

    Go find the youtube of the guy who made an AK lower out of a friggin’ shovel.
    I was impressed.
    The ammo situation is pretty much out of control for the moment but give it some time for the ones with short attention spans to move on to their next shiny object.
    I will continue to buy what I can find because I don’t own any of the extremely popular calibers.

    A little here, a little there…..

  4. Craig says:

    I bought my ammo years ago because I knew this was coming. Now all I have to do is buy 20 rounds every now and then when I burn some up at the range…

  5. Elder Dragon says:

    I build my own stuff and have done so since I was in my teens, I only got a couple muzzle loaders,That’s all I’m gonna cop to. Now I have built an AK, an AKM, an AKMS, an AMD, an M10, an M11, a STEN or 2 or 3, and a M60E3…Oops, I forgot the street sweeper and the MP40. I built all of them in a 1860’s era blacksmith shop with no power tools. Now I scrapped most of that stuff, Like any prudent person would. But the experience and the knowledge remain. Building yer own is childs play, and I garuntee that there will still be guns about long after the government whom tries to take them away is a dim memory. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed….Any one trying to take away the arms are no longer protected by the constitution. They will have zero recourse under the law… Connecticut government is no longer the constitutional power of that state. As such there is no law in that state that anyone has to obey. PERIOD.

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