It Ain’t Me….

It’s a good day for some CCR. A beauty of a day, but it ain’t gonna last.

I’m working to get some cash to pay the tooth puller. Then It’s all goin into the boats and preps. Them there new gun laws are gonna piss folks off when the find they are on the no gun for you list. Law or no law, List or no list, I’m gonna have a gun. I can build my own. Ammo or no ammo, I’m gonna have ammo too. Cause I can roll my own. Thing is I can do a lot for my self and I am not about to ask permission to do it.  So I think this next tune sums it up.

CCR Bad Moon Rising.

I’ll taking advantage of the warmer weather tomorrow repairing some of the roof damage done over winter. Lets play another tune for the over the hill crowd. Carry On.

Rock On…..


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