Monroeville Gun Show

I’m Back. Trying to rejoin the working force has taken a toll on me. On the good side of things, I’m snapping back into shape.

Yesterday I was on my way to the Harbor Freight store to get a replacement for my old HF air compressor. The old one has given up the ghost after 10 years of use and abuse.  Well, I was almost there when I spotted the Gun Show sign at the Expo Mart. Usually a big event, They weren’t able to sell out all the tables there. Many of the dealers gave me a impression of desperation. The Show prices over all were way up, though the ammo tables were getting back to reasonable prices. Most of the stuff was still overpriced, with a Leinad DD 45 LC / 410 11 inch going for 250.00. I scored a CZECH Model VZ44, 26.5mm at a reasonable price and half the tables over found a 12 gauge adapter for it. I also found a reasonably priced AMD 65 at 550.00 but didn’t have the scratch to buy it.  There were few Nagants worth mentioning. Mostly overpriced, mismatched number, junk. I’m undecided if the admission price, 9.00 bucks was worth it. I like the smaller shows where an individual can find better deals. I did better at the HF store, where I scored a air comp for 40 bucks and a few tools for the bench.

Work has been better, though I’m dog tired at the end of the day. Seems I get home, clean up, and fall asleep in my dinner. I’m damned hungry all the time now and have put almost an inch back on my arms. Most of my projects are still on hold for a week or two. But, with the influx of cash, they will be back on track soon. Preps are moving now, with the addition of some of items , I wanted but couldn’t make myself buy before. So for now, It’s all good. Dragon


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