Muhahaha! Gun Control….Amunition Control….Snicker Snort Snarf

Well, I wuz plenty tickled to get my hands on the 26.5 Czech Flare Pistol the other day. I would have to types of flares for my sail boat fer sure. 26.5 of course and a 12 gauge with the adapter. The adapter will take flare cartridges and some less lethal cartridges, but not regular shot shells. Inquiring mind that I am, I decided to see fer shits and giggles how easy it would be to make a “Legal” fire arm out of that flare pistol. I could put in a drop in barrediy gunl chambered for just about any cartridge out there. Add a stock to the pistol and it’s good to go. Right now, I’m got a 10, 12, 20, 410, easy as pie. Top break single shot, No problemo. It could be made over as a pistol for various calibers from .22 to 45-70. It could also be worked over to a muzzle loader with a center fire shotgun primer in in calibers .75-.22 calibers…..This list can get beeg, fer sure. I need a couple more of these. 1 fer the shot gun types, 1 fer the pistol types, and 1 fer the rifled carbine version. To keep it legal it needs a certain length barrel and stock fer the shotgun and carbine models….Oh and one fer flares.

There are tons of guns for the individual to build and own, and there are many resources ( on how to build yer own ammo too. Guns are not going away any time soon. The guys who come for the guns are going to be the ones beating their weapons into plowshares. The government who comes for the guns ain’t gonna be a government for very long…Those Jackasses in the senate should take note. The right to bear arms is gonna be around longer than it takes you to fade into private practice.

Go figure, that the news today was about the feds being behind the latest ammo shortages.


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