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Poor Man Tech

This can go on and on. The best way to do it is to cover it one piece at a time. Git’er done. Hunting with an air gun. Some time ago I got me one of those Chicom air guns. … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here

They will do this again soon.

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How About A Paper AK

This Guy has some cool toys made of paper. The whole shebang. He looks like he has a promising career as a gunsmith or a weapons designer. Then There is always the Assault Shovel.. I gotta try that at home. … Continue reading

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Remembering Heroes

It seems that no one remembers these men and women. I grew up watching their exploits and the promise of hope for the future. The promise has faded, The hope is all but gone. I guess that it will take … Continue reading

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One For The Holiday Weekend

Black Powder and Alcohol (c) 9/1/85 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors Chorus: Black powder and alcohol When the states and the cities fall. When your back is against the wall, Black powder and alcohol. Give me charcoal to the … Continue reading

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The Poor Mans Gun Part 2

Excerpts from Excalibur catalog. Lots of interesting stuff around.I forgot to include the Flat spot link:

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The Poor Mans Gun

I’ll Call This A Poor Mans Judge. Moochies Gun Shop has em 5 Shot 45/410 They also have the 22 cal 6 shot. The DD 45/410 side by side double. The DD 45/410 11 inch barrel. The 45/410 over under. … Continue reading

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Who You Calling Old?

Because, I like this Song? When I get there, the old folks home gonna be rockin. Got a line on some work. So, it’s all good fer the bit. Need some ACϟDC to rock out too.

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Rocket Scientist “Wanted”

Looking for a rocket scientist to design rockets to send civilians to the moon and back. MUST USE OWN TOOLS AND FACILITIES AND PAY TECHS TO BUILD. compensation 75/month YES THIS IS RIDICULOUS JUST LIKE MOST OF THE ADS ON … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age Coming in 2014

Via: Geophysicist says the mini ice age will start within a few years and will last 60-80 years. 7 March 2013 – The Little Ice Age should be the story of the century, yet it’s only being announced quietly … Continue reading

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