Wax Slugs

Work has me down lately. There are two of us to finish a plaster job this week after our laborer had a seizure last week. I am to old for this stuff. The good side of things is that, I’ll have all the money for the boat projects after this week. Also I have been upgrading the preps too. The down side is that my back feels like it belong to someone else. The wage is liveable, so I’m on board till the jobs starts to suck.

In other areas, I would recommend wax loads for shot shells. They really are all that. I’m using the 45LC /.410 converter (http://kennesawcannon.com/subcaliberdevice.php) for the flare gun and it is wicked with the wax loaded shells. Makes bird shot into poor man slugs. I also use .45 cal wax slugs for my “1858” Remington New Model Army pistol. I use the load in my brass frame model mostly. It is hard hitting and accurate without the worry of frame stretch. I haven’t settled on a wax load for my .50 and .54 Hawkin’s as of yet. I do expect them to surprise most folks. It’s a no brainer to use that process to cast slugs for black powder guns. I may never go back to shooting round ball any more.


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