Easy Come, Easy Go…

It does look like the job is toast. To bad. I had to take a few days off on account of back pain. The kind of pain you take morphine for. I got the pain under control now with 1 herbal and 1 holistic remedy taken in tandem. No more moving 80 lbs plaster sacks totaling 3,000 lbs for a bit for me. No more stocking wall board which was supposed to be stocked by the customer either. No more hanging ceilings without a wall board jack.

If the customer doesn’t hold up their end, Walk. Call the next customer and move them up on the schedule. Those Doctors and meds  cost me most of two weeks pay. I am to old for this kind of shit. And I’m not taking it any more. There is a reason I don’t do hard coat on my own. It sucks and those customers think it’s the shit. It is SHIT. It cracks up along all the seams in 4 years. That’s why I drywall coat the blue board first and then do a final veneer plaster coat after it. The weak point of any wall board process is the mesh tape. But, if you install paper tape with Durabond 90 using the tuck tape method, it will almost never crack. I’m 53, I been installing this shit since I was 9. Don’t tell me you know better, Cause you don’t.

While I’m on this wall board rant. Use screws and glue. Lath nails don’t cut it. Their are only two screw guns worth having, The Senco and the Makita 6821 short snout. http://www.tylertool.com/factory-reconditioned-senco-3p0001r-ds202-14v–cordless-14-4v-duraspin-collated-screwdriver/senr3p0001r,default,pd.html?ref=froogle&origin={adtype}&zmam=31282435&zmas=47&zmac=478&zmap=3P0001R


Everything else is a turd. There are only two screws worth the money, The Senco fastener and the “Grabber”. The Grabber uses a triple threat thread design, It grabs, It holds, and it is worth using.

Taping tools. You don’t play deliverance on one of these. The Marshalltown is about the best you can get unless you can find a Pittsburgh Pa “Super Banjo”. The Super Banjo held enough “mud” to tape an entire room at one go.



I don’t use the stilts anymore, I use a painters scaffold and a gorilla bench. I use all stainless tools for both drywall and plaster. The corner plow tool does not belong in a drywallers tool bucket.

Over the years I have worked for most of the companies in the western part of the state. Every once and awhile I dust off my tools and go show those youngsters how it’s done. I paid my dues a long time back, so you youngsters better step back.


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