Trying To Get Back To The Boat Builds

Due to the recent back injury and the job being up in the air, I’m caught short for cash to start the boats. But things are always in flux around the dragon household. I am always working some buy, sell, trade, kind of deals. Adding a Manco Fat Cat to the mix, has me re-visiting the Trilo-Byte build plan. I want to bring it and the trailer with the boat where ever it goes. The trailer is a 3 axle 6 wheel  device to tow behind the Manco Tractor. I fabbed it up from a 6 cubic foot mortar box. It tracks nice as pie and follows the Manco on all but the worst terrain. I would hate to lose that extra capability.

One nice thing about the delay is I got to mock up some of the boat to 1-1 scale. That gave me some new perspective on things. I got some new ideas for the cabin as well as the over all shape of things. I’m debating whether or not to narrow the front of the boat , but keep the squared front appeal. I really don’t want a out and out sharpie. The more I think on it, I don’t think the narrow bow would help much for handling. Rather I think it would hinder things more.

Well, that’s where I’m stuck at now. Redesigning the aft portion to make it able to load the Manco aboard. Right now my head is starting to hurt, so I better lay off for a bit. Later, Dragon


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One Response to Trying To Get Back To The Boat Builds

  1. Sixbears says:

    Got my side panels cut out and splced together. Then had to cover everything as the rain came in. At least it’s warm enough for the glue to dry.

    Those scow designs sure can carry a lot of weight. You should be able to work something out for your Cat and trailer.

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