The Poor Mans Gun

I’ll Call This A Poor Mans Judge.

Moochies Gun Shop has em

5 Shot 45/410

They also have the 22 cal 6 shot. The DD 45/410 side by side double. The DD 45/410 11 inch barrel. The 45/410 over under. The single 45/410 and the single 45/410 11inch barrel, as well as some parts and leather for these fine pistols.

Excalibur has the 80% parts kits/kit guns.  The flats can be got from here.


Download File

*** They also have a 10 shot 22 cal pepper box available.

They make some long guns too, as well as some black powder.

I like them they cheap, they so ugly they are purty, And they can bite yer hand if you don’t watch out. I gotta collect em all. While not indestructible, they are cheap and you can get a parts kit and a gun fer less than other makers guns. Believe you me, if you don’t get it, you never will get it. These are Po folks Liberators…. They will put food on the table and they will protect the house. there ain’t a crack head alive, who wouldn’t get the cold sweats, while staring down a .45 cal weapon with multiple barrels. Nope, that’s time for the Hershey squirts, The Leo’s can follow the trail and make the collar.

Some years back, I fired a black powder blank from a .45 at an intruder, the cops found him one block away running, with his shirt on fire. Never had any problems after that. I do like the .45 and the .410. Both are easy to reload in primitive conditions with less than optimal equipment. Yeppers and .45 cal round ball puts a beeg hole in things.


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7 Responses to The Poor Mans Gun

  1. Late breaking info today. Record Report
    Statement as of 05:35 PM EDT on May 24, 2013

    … Record cold high temperature set at Pittsburgh…

    a record cold high temperature of 51 degrees was set at Pittsburgh
    today. The record was 52 from 1877.

    1877, Hmmm, That was near the last of the last mini-iceage. Brrrr! I’m feeling warm, not!.

    • Record cold high in Vancouver Wa yesterday was also 51 ,record rainfall at over an inch, both records from 1905.

      BTW, the link to the flats is no good, it goes to a domain registration site.

      Interesting guns and yer right, they are so ugly they are cute.

  2. The flat spot has a bunch of flats for every occasion derringer, sten, ak…. the prices are good too. it’s a must see for almost any build.–breech-face.html

  3. I wish someone would come up with a oversize pistol grip for the Leinad. My experiences with the DD 11 inch model, is that I can retain two fingers on the grip and and scrunch my trigger finger to squeeze the trigger. being able to hold the thang in 2 hands helps with the shock of the recoil with 3 inch .410 buckshot loads. They ain’t perfect but they are affordable. And Bang fer the buck counts here. The long guns they got are of better quality than I was expecting and when compared with other .410 products won me hands down with them being able to fold down. I don’t have any problems with the safety or the selectors on these, mainly because I’m a man and not a woosie. I was able to get my second shot off without problems with the selector. Timely so, while my eyes were on the target. Rabbit, Squirrel, woodchucks are toast with a small game round, And someone up the ridge beat me to taking a deer with a DD. I think these are a hell of a camp gun. Or a river gun.

  4. edr2015 says:

    Those are some very nice Derringers you got there. How much did you pay for the shotgun?

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