One For The Holiday Weekend

Black Powder and Alcohol

(c) 9/1/85 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors

Black powder and alcohol
When the states and the cities fall.
When your back is against the wall,
Black powder and alcohol.

Give me charcoal to the measure two.
Send the bullet where you want it to.
Give me sulfer to the measure three.
Make that powder gonna keep you free.
Give me salt peter, measure fifteen.
Sweetest shootin’ that you’ve ever seen.

Gimme water, yeast, and veggie trash.
Leave it sittin’ in a slurry mash.
[. From: .]

When it’s ready, put it in the still.
If you can’t heat it then the sunlight will.
Draw the alcohol away, and then
Ya put the slurry back and start again.
Booze will clean your cuts or run your car.
You can make it anywhere you are.
Black powder in your cartridge shell
Will send the robbers runnin’ clean to hell.
You can make ’em if you just know how,
So kids, remember what I’m tellin’ you now.



It’s a filk song by Leslie Fish.The recipe is “Not” accurate. More is artistic license.

Hose-Down by Leslie Fish

Hey you cocky, khaki boys
Proud of all your combat toys.
D’ya think you can spray all your troubles away,
With a hose-down?

Fire that AR rock-n-roll.
When you add the final toll
You don’t kill much but sleeves and brush,
When you hose-down.

One good sniper up a tree
can wipe out a whole company.
Because he’ll take the time to aim,
While the hose-down boys just spray and pray.

When you go to spray and blast
You use up lots of ammo fast.
How much can you carry?
How long can you tarry,
When you hose-down?

One good well-aimed shotgun round
Can throw as much hot lead around
As the entire clip of an AR zip
When you hose-down.

The point of throwing lead around
Is to make the other guy keep down.
But wear good armor front and head:
You’ll stand tall while they fall dead!

It aint’ much sense and it ain’t much class
To fill the air with smoke and brass.
Everyone can see just where you be,
When you hose-down.

Making lots of flame and noise
May be fun for hot-ass boys.
But you win the game by how well you aim,
Not hose-down.

Yes you win the game by how well you aim,
Not hose-down.
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4 Responses to One For The Holiday Weekend

  1. Sixbears says:

    Thank you! Haven’t heard a Leslie Fish song in forever. Glad to see she’s got a blog now. How cool is that?

    By the way, I’ve a friend who wrinkled his nose when they heard the black powder instructions. He’s in the business.

    • The recipe is “Not” accurate. More is artistic license. This song is more a teaching song as such. A reminder of how to deal with things. I think an accurate recipe for BP would be hard to rhyme. I wish I had a copy of Micheal Longcor’s ” The only Help you’ll get”. That stands as my all time favorite end of the world filks.

      Building Fires
      Michael Longcor

      The world blunders on like a lost carousel
      Torn from its moorings and run by a mad philosopher
      A mean morning after from a party that we never saw
      The old men of power keep searching for demons
      But they never see the ones peering back out from their mirror
      Cause ethical conduct has nothing to do with the law

      Building fires against the storm
      Huddled together, we try to keep warm
      Ragged and savage, afraid and forlorn
      Building fires against the storm

      The rich getting filthy; the rest getting poorer
      Youre working too hard and there’s always just less you can show for it
      You can’t ransom anger by paying the minimum wage
      The melting pot’s boiling and sooner or later
      We’ll have to give up and let go and just finally boil over it
      Prisons no threat when you already live in a cage

      Building fires against the dark
      Aiming and trying and missing the mark
      Running from tigers and swimming with sharks
      Building fires against the dark

      Fate is worse than unkind it’s uncaring
      Luck in battle’s the best luck of all
      And the timid die just like the dark
      And if you don’t take the plunge than you’ll just take the fall

      The spiral gets tighter; the curve goes to redline
      The rough beast still grumbles and slouches his way through the city
      It’s infotainment each night on the national news
      Shot guns are loaded; the squad cars are screaming
      The night is too hot. Life is short and your eyes feel so gritty
      If it’s sport or more violence depends on your own point of view

      Building fires against the night
      Polishing armor before the last fight
      Screwing up courage and sticking it tight
      Building fires against the night

      Raising fires against the dark
      Aiming and trying and making your mark
      Running down tigers and hunting for sharks
      Blazing fires against the dark
      Blazing fires against the dark.
      YEP, That’s the guy who wrote pennsic no#4 and Chainmail Mamma.

    • Almost forgot. I use the foxfire 5 recipe for BP. Never had any problems.

  2. A gratuitous Fish Filk.
    Serious Steel Lyrics,

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