Remembering Heroes

It seems that no one remembers these men and women. I grew up watching their exploits and the promise of hope for the future. The promise has faded, The hope is all but gone. I guess that it will take a fireball or two wiping a few cities away in their wake for the rest of us to remember why we went in the first place.

Back when I was a Kid spaceships WENT somewhere!


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4 Responses to Remembering Heroes

  1. I grew up with the Appollo Program just like I grew up watching the Viet Nam War on television every night.

    I was nine when they landed on the moon and thirteen when the war ended.

    I was three when Kennedy was shot and to this day I can still remember watching the funeral procession on a Black and White television at my Grandmothers and asking why the boots were backwards in the stirrups.

    Remembering things back then is why I say now that the country I grew up in is dead.

  2. I remember all off that. I was to young to understand why the grownups were sad for Kennedy. Other kids followed sports, but I followed the space program.I could be found in the back yard in almost all the year round with my telescope. My expectation of traveling in space is gone now. Killed now by small men with smaller minds. Those small minds want to control everything. Their end will be at a wall with a blindfold when the people have had a belly full. Blind obedience of their ilk, their plan will take our species close to the extinction level. But, It doesn’t have to be so.It starts with telling them where to get off. As in, Get off my planet.

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