Poor Man Tech

This can go on and on. The best way to do it is to cover it one piece at a time. Git’er done.

Hunting with an air gun. Some time ago I got me one of those Chicom air guns. First thing I noticed that the whip crack noise following each shot. That’s a certain indicator of those pellets going supersonic. So, I played with it fer a bit and have that .177 acting like a small game rifle.

DISCLAIMER: Here’s yer if you get hurt, I ain’t to blame warning.You are the first and last person responsible for your own damn safety. Use safety/shooters glasses and gloves at a minimum. Be a good sportsman and never shoot others pets. That’s inhumane and just low. Check yer local game laws before using it for hunting. Doing this wrong can destroy your air gun/rifle. Only use a air gun/rifle in good working condition. You been warned.

I learned this trick as a kid with a crossman pump up pistol with detachable stock. I call it dieseling the air gun. The only mod is to the ammo and not the gun. Don’t mod the air piston at all. DON”T. Mod the pellet ammo by putting a small piece of cotton in the hollow base with a small amount of glue. Miniscule even. put a drop of oil on the cotton and chamber the round. The cotton will be at the back of the round. Pump up and fire as with any other pellet. Notice the result. With my rifle, I already can put a pellet through one side of a 55 gallon drum before using the oil trick. After the trick, The pellet goes all the way through. This is the ticket for small game on a budget. Check the bore for obstructions and fouling. You will have to clean the bore periodically.

How it works. The compressed air interacts with the oil like a fire piston. The resultant combustion adds a few FPS to the shot. IF you do it right. If the gun has a report, a bang. You are using to much oil. Use small amounts always. Never oil the air piston as that will cause a catastrophic failure to occur. This trick has put many rabbits and squirrels on the table, as well as a few game birds.

This works in a variety of air rifles and pistols. Both in .177 and .22 cal. with pellet ammo only. Mileage may vary here. Not all oils give the same results. I used gun oil, corn oil, olive oil, and 3-1 oil.


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5 Responses to Poor Man Tech

  1. Sixbears says:

    I have got to try that. My dad gave me his .22 air rifle. It’s a good quality Spainish made gun with the single shot piston action. As it is, I’ve used it for small game hunting.

    • There’s another trick when hunting a short ranges. Put the pellet in backwards. It works like a hollow point at ranges about 20 feet or less. With the oil trick, less is more, as in fps. different guns act differently. That’s why I stop at 1 drop. I didn’t when I was a kid and destroyed the piston in the first gun I tried. Blow back was the culprit there. I also tried grease and it worked out ok. But, I never got any crono data for any of this. The only thing i had to work with is clay impact models an water in hugs containers.

      • Sixbears says:

        A friend of mine has one of those electronic gizmos for testing bullet velocity. We’ll have to go out to the range and play.

  2. Nice.
    I’ll tell ya guy, you never cease to surprize me with the shit you come up with.

    That’s a keeper.
    I was thinking about getting one of those if this freaking ammo shortage keeps up, should anyway.
    They have them on sale all the time for about a buck fifty at Big Five. Comes with a scope on it. I couldn’t believe the FPS ratings on them.
    They have come along ways since the old Crossman pump and those things were nothing to sneeze at.

    • My mission in life is to keep finding work around’s using off the shelf tech.. There are other recipes for the not faint at heart. like rocket candy filled in the base of the pellets. clear finger polish can serve to glue these things together usin a round tooth pick. I’m gonna pick up a cheap chicom pellet pistol or two next trip back down to the Nam. Some of these tricks you don’t use on a pellet rifle or pistol you care to much for. Another load for the .22 pellets are flash powder in the hollow base. I got news for those do mommies in washington. You can’t stop technology. This is kitchen tech.

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