Poor Mans Tech 2, Mistaken Identity, Advice

Poor Mans Tech 2,

This can get complicated. DISCLAIMER: Here’s yer if you get hurt, I ain’t to blame warning.You are the first and last person responsible for your own damn safety. Use safety/shooters glasses and gloves at a minimum. Be a good sportsman and never shoot others pets. That’s inhumane and just low. Check yer local game laws before using it for hunting. Doing this wrong can destroy your air gun/rifle. Only use a air gun/rifle in good working condition. You been warned.

I been looking at the “Rocket Ball” that was used in the Volcanic Rifles & Pistols of 1856. Since I’m adding things to the base of a pellet, It was worth the look. The cartridge was under powered to the max by any standards. But, in the present day we have a pellet say going 800 fps and if we add a boost to is that .177 or .22 pellet will be going above 1200 fps and that is pretty fast. Fast enuff to not just shoot yer eye out but get lethal. Now I don’t have a dyed in the wool recipe fer this. Cause this is where only fools and angels tread. Some times things go really wrong and wrecks the air rifle/gun. It’s not good enough for prime time yet. Better to try the grease mod I put in the comments  for yesterdays post.. It went like yesterdays mod but uses a dab of grease in the base of the pellet. Ignition is the diesel effect same as before and a slight fps boost is noted. If you do it right, the whip crack will seem louder, If done wrong a slight report or bang will be evident. Crack good, Bang Bad!!!. Remember, I’m all about food on the table here. Rabbit tracks make lousy soup.

I’m big on black powder stuff too. But today, at the sporting goods, they wanted 48.00 bucks fer a pound of powder substitute. That’s just so F’ing wrong so many ways.

So, Here is the chemical equation for a regular black powder containing sulfur:
1) 4 KNO3 + C7H4O + 2 S ——> 2 K2S + 4 CO2 + 3CO + 2H2O + 2N2

and for a black powder without sulfur:

2) 6 KNO3 + C7H4O ——> 3 K2CO3 + CO2 + 6CO + 2H2O + 2N2

Lots has been written about the making of the charcoal. I make my charcoal the same way I make charcloth. Out of soft woods no less. I put saw dust into a sealed tin with a small hole in top. I put it in, on, or close to the fire while the tin starts to stream wood gas from the small hole. I light the woodgas on fire and keep the tin hot till the flame won’t light any more. Remove from fire and place in a cool place. I grind the carbon to powder in a small wooden bowl with an egg shaped glass paper weight. The recipe I use is the one from the Fox Fire 5 book. Yes, i use the stale urine trick. It gives the powder a little more kick or wang to it. Pun intended. I like my Niter from natural sources, that’s best. Cave dirt or from under a manure pile. That whitened dirt under yer back porch is niter. or better known as KNO3. Put the dirt containing the KNO3 into a large pot to boil down to almost mud. That stinks worse than the stale urine. add some fresh water to make a pea soup consistency, little thinner than. Let Cool, then strain through a heavy filter medium. Place the resultant water into a shallow pan and expose to sun light to evaporate the water to expose the crystals. OR:  Put the right brand of stump remover into boiling  water till in solution and repeat the above process to recrystallize the KNO3. Sulpher is where you find it, I live in coal country, so I get mine from a crick, evaporate in a shallow pan and boom there you are. I mix my ingredients together using the Fox Fire 5 Recipe in a wooded bowl with a wooden spoon wetting with the stale urine till I have a flakey cake molded in my hands. force the cake through a fine mesh sieve and dry on newspaper or dry parchment. That’s the real McCoy mountain style mix. Real fines are your frizen powder, the next grade is yer pistol powder and course grains are yer long gun and cannon powder. And as a by the way, you can reload AK ammo with BP and it will still function for a long while with no maintenance. In an AR You got 6-8 shots before it’s a club. Now you know this, The end of the world ain’t shit. It’s a foogin cake walk. Real Hand crafted powder is worth the time and effort. Hey, Keep yer powder dry.

Mistaken Identity: Some times it ain’t funny, but it is.

RE: Over at Sixbears in the woods, He had a post  Recognized. Everyone had a doppelganger story. Here is mine.

Best to start at the beginning. Around a year or so ago, I was headed to the home depot to get some roof coating. Me cousin was driving and I had him drop me off at the burger joint on the corner fer a nature call. I would meet him at the depot in a few. Well, I take care of business, wash up, buy a coffee and head across the parking lot to the depot. That depot is across the way from a yuppie sporting store. I’m minding my own biz when some stranger hollars, “Hey’! So I go”Hey ” “Back atcha”. Now this stranger is a long hair and a  beard, so he cain’t be all bad, but he got this crazy, real tree camo suit on him. He draws up close and he apologizes to me and tells me I’m he was sorry he thought I was somebody else…. Mkay, That is just weird. So I made light of it and told him I’m sorry for whomever looks like me, cause I was once good looking before I got blowed up in a fire. I talked with him fer a bit and begged off, as I had shopping to do. When I looked back he was headed to a real tree painted motor home with his face on the side of it. Folks, I really don’t see much TV. Now, down at the depot store my cousin is waiting in the car and questioned me , Like, “What that Guy want?” Me, ” Weird man, He said something about Ducks, Jesus, and I looked like somebody he knows.” My cousin just laughed  his ass off.

More of the story, I ain’t Si.

I’ve been having this problem over the past few months. Total and complete strangers walk up to me talking at me like I’m some long lost friend. It appears that I resemble some guy name of Silas Robertson. I had to stop going down to pechins in the fayette nam, cause the red necks pester the bejesus out of me while I’m shopping. It’s got so bad that I can’t run into the local wall mart without hearing a squeal, and as I turn around there is some two ton redneck woman with 5 kids hollaring,” it’s him, I told you that was him”. It takes about 45 minutes each and every time to explain that I ain’t no millionaire, I don’t make duck calls, and I don’t hunt ducks.

Now, The other day, I zoom into the save-a-lot parking lot on my ten speed mountain bike and after I get done shopping, There’s three people just standing there grinning at me and I’m like what, Did I split my pants or is my fly open? They wanted foogin autographs and pictures.

Ok, I don’t know who you are Si, but there are a bunch of lonely wimmin who think yer just like Billy Ray man. Warning though, They some beeg wimmins.

I think I’m gonna find my amish attire and start dressing like that again. That will be another post, pull off being a faux amish person.

Rudyard Kipling’s good advice. http://youtu.be/LzT8c9gD35Q


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4 Responses to Poor Mans Tech 2, Mistaken Identity, Advice

  1. Sixbears says:

    Good double sized post Dragon. Love the mistaken identity. My dad used to get mistaken for a famous golfer. He’s never swung a club in his life, but he’d talk golf with people who were sure he was the pro. What the heck, he’d say, it made them feel good to get advice from the pro.

  2. I get you there, But I do know shooting and hunting and living in the woods. I don’t know jumpin jack squat about hunting ducks. It has to do with the way our hunting licenses work here and the fact that all the good ponds and lakes are either members only or posted. Our licenses start at 20 bucks and add a fee for every extra stamp, I have never been able to afford a ticket with all the stamps for over 35 years. So I don’t know a duck call from a kazoo. I never used a buck call either. Most of my deer taken were done at 20 yards or so in usually heavy brush. There is a reason I go hunt in ohio.

  3. See Sea says:

    A few drops of lighter fluid makes a nice crack, sounds like a .22 almost….

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