Dirt Poor

Back when I was a kid, I had to go find shells to reload if I wanted to shoot any. I would come home with a five gallon bucket full and Pap and I would sort them and choose some of the best for me to reload. 12, 20, and 410’s were the fare of the day. I spent many weekends in my late youth hunting with a slam bang 410. Pap showed me how to make the slam bang and wouldn’t let me make them in any larger gauge. But, I did any way. We loaded the shells with a sulpher-less black powder recipe, My Paps, Now lost to time.

Pap also showed me the cut shell trick. We wouldn’t use it because it left nothing re-loadable. And the wax trick. We used canning wax for them ( you can use bees wax ) and the cheapest shot we could find. I have shot about anything that would fit into a slam bang. The caveat being that I wouldn’t even try a 50 BMG. Momma raised some smart children.

It’s all about putting food on the table and into the larder. Funny how I am forced now, to revert to my old tricks. My  picks for  poor mans guns are easy. Anything that stays together while being shot and costs less than $250.00 USD. Everything else is a yuppie gun. One gun I like is the NEF 12 in cylinder bore with rifle sights. Chokes are for yuppies. Now that 12 with the right combination of cartridge converters makes a good all around gun. More bang for the buck and it will never be a wall hanger. The poor mans gun has to multi-task.

Why I like the cartridges I do: .45 LC round ball  and black powder is a good SHTF round. This is a hunting round, a killing round, and a maiming round. Shoot one into a pork shoulder and you’ll be convinced. Look at the wound channel and all the smashed bone. Factor in the infection from the BP and OMG! Even with modern medicines, you can figure to lose a limb. Round ball never keyholes on the target. Now, for the .410, OK, It’s way easier on the resources, quiet, and versatile. When you gotta be humping around in the bush, You can carry way more shots per pound. The third cartridge is the .22  Remington yellow jacket or the CCI stinger. With the preference being the yellow jacket, as I’ve seen them expand all the way inside out. They vaporize tree rats heads. Eew!

As to why I like the Leinad/Cobray/FMJ/Excalibur guns. Well, you either like them or you hate them. They are belly guns mostly. You won’t be laughing at them, if one is pointed at yer baby maker or your noggin at point blank range. A 410 will mist yer melon at short range. I can make them function, all the time, every time. They are “NOT” perfect. But, they will get the job done. Practice, practice, practice.

Think it over, You got the time. Be Safe. Dragon out.


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6 Responses to Dirt Poor

  1. Sixbears says:

    Well I learned a few tricks. Thanks!

    For putting food on the table, nothing beats traps and snares. They work while you’re sleeping. Of course, they aren’t real legal, but desperate times . . .

    • There’s more tricks, but some of them come under the poachers domain. I’m not comfortable letting them lose on the world wide weird. Like moon shining, the tricks of the trade work best, if nobody is watching for them.

  2. Ticom says:

    It got to the point where you can’t even find .22 LR, the poor man’s ammo staple, at the usual sources anymore. .410 still available in these parts, even at the local Wal-Marts.

    Those $75 Russian Mosin Nagants are now hitting $200! $175 SKSes now $500! Those of us who “splurged” and spent $250 on a nice 8mm Mauser consider ourselves lucky.

    Time to look at black powder stuff.

    • I still buy 22 lr when I can find my favorites. The other day I got a flier advertising shit 22 lr at 75 bucks a brick. That’s insane.
      Now the Nagant rifle,”the noisy maggot”, I love them. still worth it if you can find a decent conditioned one. eats black powder loads like nothing else and accurate with them. About the only bad thing I can say about them is that the stock was made for little people. I have to add 1.5 inches to be a dragon sized length of pull. The are a forgiving gun load wise, but some caution is advised. Oh, I like them in the 7.62×54 R, Forget them in the 30 ought six. Then they suck dog droppings. Even the berdan cases can be reloaded. and I paper patch my cast slug/bullets.

  3. Sixbears says:

    Good point about letting some info get out “in the wild.” Too easy for some people to get themselves in trouble.

    Glad I bought bricks of .22 when they were cheap. Do like the yellow jackets. Feed well in my nylon 66. Love that little gun. Take the heads right off rabbits.

    Seems only yesterday a SKS went for $99 at the local gun shop. Crazy.

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