The Nagant Rifle

I gotta add this one to my list of Poor Mans Guns. or a Poor Mans Rifle .Mkay, so if you marching around the kitchen and chanting the this is my rifle, this is my gun chant. You probably got some close family members who are shooting worried looks at yer back. A mental hygiene appointment is likely in your future.

I bought one of these things way back for 50 bucks. It lived in my shed over a few winters and ended up under a tarp in the back of my Comanche for a few months. When I wanted to shoot it, I sprayed it down with rustease, got the bolt to open and gave it another squirt or two. It didn’t look like much when I bought it, and it looked worse under my care. My was a hex 91/30 carbine with a dark bore. I fed it with some of the 7.62x54R that came with it in a tuna can kinda deal and I reloaded them berdan cases with BP after that. I don’t know of any other gun that would still be able to fire after such rough treatment. To add insult to injury here, It out shot almost everything I ever put it up against. Most folks would just look at that ugly old gun and shake their head. It gave those anal retentive types fits. You know, the ones who clean their guns until the finish wears thin types. Another thing is it leaves the thirty ought crowd in the dust. Especially in these Pa woods. So don’t let any body put down these old nazi killers down. There is only 2 cartridges I like in the thick woods, The 54R and the 303. Cause some times things hide behind trees. I do recommend using a bore brush occasionally as well as a patch or two.

I got one piece of advice, Drive it like ya stole it.


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7 Responses to The Nagant Rifle

  1. the nagant has an impressive war record.
    Simo Häyhä – Finish Sniper fighting Soviets with 705 kills in 100 days in 1940
    Lyudmila Pavlichenko – Russian Female Sniper with 309 confirmed kills in WW2
    Vasily Zaytsev – Russian Sniper with over 400 confirmed kills in WW2
    Roza Shanina – Russian Female Sniper with 54 confirmed kills in WW2
    Ivan Sidorenko – a Red Army officer who served during World War II. He was one of the top Soviet snipers in the war, with over five hundred confirmed kills.
    is just some of its history

  2. Sixbears says:

    Worse comes to worse, it makes an impressive club.

  3. anonymous says:

    It sure WAS an inexpensive to feed, the tuna cans for it came priced very nice for the consumer. Something you could lay back quite a bit for just in case. This replaced the SKS which was the premier bullet proof truck gun.

  4. The nagant rifle/carbine is still affordable to shoot with a black powder load. There is a learning curve with reloading with black powder. I’ll have to cover that in a future post.

  5. Ticom says:

    A lot of smokeless cartridges were originally black powder…

  6. See Sea says:

    My 91/30 hex and my M44 are my two favorite guns. Both are older than me, and my 91/30 is older than my parents. Damn near as old as my grandparents. One of four still with us, and that 91/30 shoots straight and true to this day. That says something. And yeah, I got me a few of those tuna cans laying around here and there…

  7. Old Ugly isn’t with me any more. It was in the bed of the Jeep in the flood. My buddy said bad luck about your rifle. I had to set him straight that it looked mostly like that before the flood. I cleaned it up some and got it operating and my buddy wanted a Nagant carbine. Not any carbine but that one. So I sold it to him for 150 bucks. He bought my beater rifle so he could tell stories about it and I got 3 times what I paid for it. It’s a cleaned up now and he still ain’t shot it once.

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