Changing Gears

Wow, I got spammed something fierce in the last 24. But, WP caught it all. Long time followers will remember all the sun post’s I used to do. Well this link is one to follow for a few months.

4MIN News June 15, 2013: ISON NASA Request, Fireball US, Solar Up…

He has a clue folks. Some of us long time doomies know that something is up and have known it for a long while. Don’t discount the coastal flooding event for a few more months yet. What I feel is happening is that folks are on the inside looking out at a long term event cycle with finite color glasses. This is a long term convergence of probability. Right now this is still ramping up and it will suck dirty smelly donkey privates when it peaks. Just a word to the wise. Or just go about your life like always. The gene pool will get along very nicely thank-you with out your contribution.


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