Everybody Knows…

I swear, some folks don’t know their a$$es from a hole inna ground. I guess this comes under myths and legends. Let’s get started.

I shoot brass frame pistols with live rounds without problems. Including converter cylinders. FACT! I got my latest Peitta 1858 rather cheap, because I was about the only guy he trusted to shoot it live with no problems. I also happen to be the only person who has fired it with live ammo. One of the reasons I have no problems with it, is because I use the .451 round ball with minimal charges. I have also shot small diameter balls with patching through  the same pistols. The trick here is to use a lubed over powder wad and seal the face of the chambers with bear grease or vegetable shortening or Crisco or lard or petroleum jelly. Lately I have found that chap stick applied from the applicator, is a good seal/lube. Less mess. Knock on wood, I have never had a chain fire while firing live ammo (.451-.454) from these cap and ball pistols. If that keeps you up at night, use a wonder wad under the round ball boolit.

MYTH # 2. Brass frame pistols are bad for (insert reason here). Just that comment is certain indicator of a arm chair expert. He heard… His sister in laws uncles nephew’s hair dressers boy heard…. This is where you can start humming and rolling your eyes at them. They have “NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE” to make any further statements about firearms related topics. Folks will keep listening to them and I’ll have cheap pistols to shoot for the rest my days. I got my first of them for a hundred bucks brand new in the box and my last one for 80 bucks. The first has over a thousand shots and the last is up over a hundred and both function perfectly.

MYTH #3. Chain fires. The know-it-all states that they are indicative of bad design. NO, All the chain fires I have witnessed, were the result of sloppy loading practices. All! A chain fire on a LeMat is something to see. It looked like a roman candle with a pistol grip.

MYTH #4. Colt this, Colt that, Yaddda yadda yadda Colt, Colts were shit pistols in the cap and ball realm, with a noted exception being the Walker and the Dragoons. I just pissed in the communion wine here. During the Civil War, Colt was the low bidder. 5-6 hasty shots and it’s a club. I would hazard a bet that most dead union officers were found with this pistol still held in their hands. I hate the wedge on the pistol.  LeMat pistols are easier to work with.

MYTH #5 LeMat pistols this, that, whatever. This pistol has a learning curve and is a delight to shoot. This was the high capacity pistol of it’s day. Had this been fielded in any  real numbers, it would have turned the tide.

MYTH #6. Black powder substitutes are better. Actually they suck beeg dirty smelly donkey ballz. They foul more and are more corrosive than the real stuff. There is a real BP recipe for a smokeless (it smokes some less) that omits the sulpher. It works best in center fired pistols and cartridges. Real men and women use real black powder.

MYTH #7. Compulsive Gun Cleaning. My guns shoot or I don’t own them. They get dirty. After a day in the woods shooting, they get 3 patches down the barrel, a light chamber brushing, and the vents picked with some stiff wire. Then they get reloaded for an over night or weekend stay and I top off the cylinders with bees wax. I’m in bear country and I never forget it. I fire off any unused charges left over night and reload with fresh. The big cleaning with all the trimmings happens at home. I am a firm believer that a clean gun is a indicator of a sick mind.

I been shooting black powder since 76. I been shooting since 66 and I have shot almost everything from .22 to 105 MM. My attitude is  summed up by this statement. Pretty guns don’t put food on the table. Most BP problems are caused by sloppy practices and operator error. Don’t dry fire your BP cap and ball pistols or any other gun for that matter. Another pet peave is, stop twirling yer pistols, you ain’t Johnny Ringo or Doc Holiday.

Keep yer powder dry till next time, Dragon out.


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5 Responses to Everybody Knows…

  1. Sixbears says:

    Guess I was raised up right. Nothing you said here has come as a surprise to me -except that so many people think differently about this stuff.

  2. Ticom says:

    I consider it a filter. When the “experts” start regurgitating the crap they heard from wherever, you know they don’t know their ass from a hole in the wall.

  3. Wildflower says:

    if you can make your own “black powder” is one key to a better self reliant survivail

    someday thousands of factory made ammo will be used up leaving many rifles and pistols usless

    have a nice day….

  4. See Sea says:

    Folks have been conditioned to reject anything that isn’t triple approved by various three letter agencies, and that home made is “junk”. Or worse. It will KILL YOOOOO!!!!! because it doesn’t have some “official” stamp of approval. Like all those FDA approved drugs that eat your liver. But hey, we are trained that nanny.gov knows best! Bullshit. Follow the money…

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